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heres where valve violates the internet anonimity law. depriving people of the so called, FUN, they claimed to of put in Team Fortress 2, when they stole the game from users who paid for it in cash, at wal-mart, and got free users in the game not a free game, free users, to give them money for a gambling habit. which now they force your information to get you into their thing on something they never made. violating my internet anonimity, with their greey and absolute worthlesss contribution to anything. The game was stolen so this is an attack. Next they'll force you in everyting else to do this, the ENTIRE INTERNET destroying it in the process whilst violating the internet anonimity act. NO they wont destroy the internet by some agreeing or some thing theyll ever vouch themselves, they actually done. theyll force everyone on to it, actually destroying it in the process. the lest that will come out of it, will at best, be a shitty ass old tv they want you to pay 50,000 dollars for. good to see you guys.
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