Which BIGOT are you? (press esc in Internet Explorer, or use some gif editing program, lol)
All YTMND users are bigots, which one are you?


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?Which YTMND troll are you? (press esc) by GaryGnu
User: GaryGnu

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August 16th, 2016
Voted 1 because:

* I'm too lazy to download the gif and read each frame and I'm sure as fuck not using IE, and without doing that the site is incomprehensible
* Reference to pilleater girlform (one of the few things I could read in the gif)
* It seems that nowadays you mostly make sites to push some kind of agenda or make some kind of political point in lieu of actually making something funny. It's a lot like the worst of woman's Catholic proselytizing sites and borderline whetstoning. I don't care what your opinion is on socialist vs libertarian economics or whatever the fuck you feel like ranting about, I come here to see funny jokes. Like if you want to do a political smear, make it funny in YTMND style - something like "Hillary KHANton is a Secret Nazi!" with a funny image and remix. The stuff you're doing here just isn't funny.
August 16th, 2016
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He seems like a prematurely bitter whiny old man to me, complaining about anybody who isn't just like him. Whether they believe in different economic policies than him, have different racial backgrounds (ie being willing to believe obviously fake shit about people not like him), or getting fucking annoyed by adults playing fucking POKEMON GO, which is a FUCKING AWESOME GAME.

It makes me sad.

I did make a political YTMND recently, but I did try and make it funny and it wasn't just a straight rip of other peoples memes. And I don't plan on making a habit out of it.
August 16th, 2016
I don't care about your first 2 points except to say that I wish all browsers still allowed you to pause an animated gif. I have no control over that. Did I realize this when I made this site? Yes. Did it stop me? No.

I also value your opinion and also the colllaberations, discussions and alliances we have had. But it seems like your 3rd point is coming across as more of a demand than an opinion. I don't really take orders from others unless they are handing me a paycheck. I also disagree with a lot of what you said.

- I actually do try to make funny sites. Since I am me and not you, I am going with what I consider funny, rather than what you or someone else thinks is funny. Do I have to tailor my sites to please you?

- there is something called political humor. Many people enjoy it, actually. Whether you think this particular site is funny is irrelevant.

- you accuse me of being like whetstone and woman, but their sites take themselves seriously. Mine are fun, short and silly.

- I haven't actually talked about economics in any of my sites. And they aren't rants.

- your idea of what politicdal satire sites on ytmnd should be seem more acid trips than actual political humor. Not my cup of tea.
August 16th, 2016
No, you don't have to change your site style to please me. I was just explaining my vote. I'd vote 5 on a 'political acid trio's YTMND, but not this.
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You are by far, after a fucking near decade watching you make an ass of yourself on this site, still the biggest fucking retarded moron on the internet.
August 19th, 2016
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WTF IS FUNNY OUT OF CONTEXT, like your sites about khan, the show, watching it was never funny. ur jokes are like lurgs sites with an old fad smeared across it.
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You forgot to site tomakealongstoryshort.ytmnd.com, shittard.
August 19th, 2016
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FUNNY EVERYTHING IN POLITICS IS SO COOL STFU BILLARY SUPPORTERS nice ytmdn even if it is a fake truther tyupe of thing where u have to put some truth to spread your disinformation campaign agenda. cause the sites funny, only reason im here for.
August 19th, 2016
too much retarded drama here ya'll need a chill pill
August 19th, 2016
August 28th, 2017
how do you expect me to see a site that goes way too fast with a slide show?