Alx328's recent comments:

March 19th, 2010
On on the site ?Doomed Castaways.
Sh*t, it might be the booze talking but this was a pretty sweet site. Nice song choice.
March 8th, 2010
On on the site ?Tina Louise was...
Haha bloody brilliant.
March 7th, 2010
On on the site ?my new lighthouse
I like it, but you should put some blur on the fire/smoke. It's a little jarring with such rough edges.
October 12th, 2009
Da F*ck?
October 8th, 2009
On on the site ?Clocktober
Well done sah!
October 8th, 2009
Ill be damned, i just saw this today for the foist time. Nice loop ya got there.
October 1st, 2009
Absurd. Bravo sir.
October 1st, 2009
On on the site ?Suck Paradox, Kid
Fission mailed.
October 1st, 2009
On on the site ?That's disrespectful
Haha you dick.
September 16th, 2009
Optional saddle bag for only 22 dollars? Oh the savings!
September 16th, 2009
On on the site ?lazy wednesday
Girl Talk ftw.
September 16th, 2009
Stolen much?
September 15th, 2009
On on the site ?Kanye does it again!
Meh, funny but little effort.
September 9th, 2009
No way!
September 7th, 2009
Carl Otis Winslow
September 5th, 2009
On on the site ?Don't Touch That!
MC Hammer and Spousal abuse, a winning combo.
August 29th, 2009
I got your chaos theory right here.
August 29th, 2009
Kinky indeed. Good song choice.
August 29th, 2009
On on the site ?crab monkey
Awesome site, stupid comments.
August 27th, 2009
Terrific! Stupendous!
August 21st, 2009
On on the site ?farts and tap dancing
Wow, this is fantastic. Very original and cool.
August 21st, 2009
I was thinkin more glacious, but i dunno.
August 21st, 2009
On on the site ?Simba vs. Scar
Good song choice but the loop should be seemless.
August 18th, 2009
Usually when you steal something, the intent is to make it better or unique. Instead you took a well known gif and matched it with some horribly misfit music. You suck.
August 10th, 2009
You magnificent bastard.
July 19th, 2009
F*ckin absurd and amazing.
July 3rd, 2009
It's too perfect. Excellent work you ol' c*nt!
June 14th, 2009
Drew Pickles got me, f*ckin briliant.
June 4th, 2009
You crazy c*nt!
June 1st, 2009
On on the site ?SNAKE EATER
Rediculous... that being said f*ckin awesome too.