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September 21st, 2011
On on the site ?Acting Personified
Best ytmnd of all time.
Those are the only two I have.
You know, I was thinking for the longest time that the "I'm glad I'm leaving" line sounded like someone really familiar, and that was pretty much who I was thinking of.
Fair enough.
absolutely hate Uncle Phil ytmnd's
Thanks, but, it's actually my friend who's talking with the epic voice. I did the recording/mixing.
On on the site ?EPIC DOMAIN GRAB
Give him every bit of attention he needs.
ado about something?
The schematics are of the YM2612, which is the sound chip used in the Sega Genesis.
5'd for bad censorship.
Definitely a great way to go out.
And by "indirectly" I meant "inversely". Also, c*cks.
I think the lifespan was indirectly proportional to the amount of alcohol/drugs used.
That's a good suggestion, but I wanted to use my music.
On on the site ?i miss ytmnsfw
+5 for music and memories.
On on the site ?P1ZZ4 P4RTY B3TR4Y4L
Again, damn straight.
On on the site ?Bonkers
Your music and dennal plan ftw? I think so.
Damn straight.
That I do, but P1ZZ4 50UND3D B3TT3R W|-|3N 1T W45NT THRU 4 V0C0D3R
Thank you. ^__^