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September 12th, 2006
February 11th, 2007
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Just delete this piece of sh*t and start over... as a favor to yourself. If this was a joke, you obviously didn't think it through.
"next time I see a site made by andrewber, I just won't look at it." hey jackoff, it's "andrewbert", go die in a fire" Go die in a fire?!?! How old are you?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA! F*ck! Listen kid, I'll call you Andrewbear if I want, paint a f*cking rainbow on your belly, and sit you down like daddy and teach you how to make a site that people can at least make sense of when they look at... you generic little sh*t. ;)
Religion is neither art NOR humor though. The Christian sites I've seen on ytmnd are condescending, holier than thou, propagandous garbage. One true god my hairy narrow f*cking ass. This sh*t doesn't only ruin the internet, it ruins the world. Then again, everyone is entitled to their own. So I'll go back to making fake NES games, and next time I see a site made by andrewber, I just won't look at it.
This is a humor site. It's not the place to distribute your religious beliefs to people who don't want them. There are plenty of other places on the internet for you to speak your religious mind and if people want to share in your beliefs, they can view this "other place". Please don't ruin a humor site with pointless religious zealotry.