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Ban 'em all and let God sort 'em out!
And every single one of them is exactly one inch away from you.
Leia began pumping her hips rhythmically, driving herself into Chewie as far as she could go.
"Sir, I've dealt you the entire deck." "HIT ME!"
On on the site ?Peter is a ladies man
So he's some kinda bizarre hybrid emo-kid with an overabundance of self-confidence? What the hell?
Yeah, I think they intentionally make her wear shirts with the low cut like that. She has really nice cleavage and she bends over a lot.
On on the site ?Rachael Ray is Hitler
If she's Hitler, then Alton Brown is Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin (the good, Nazi-killing part of Stalin) all rolled into one.
I am a grieving widow. Why god, why?
You failed in 2000 to keep him out of the White House and you failed in 2004 to remove him. If 59 million Kerry voters failed in 2004, what makes you think a handful of ytmnders will make any difference whatsoever?
Yay, geek riot. has gone f*cking nuts.
On on the site ?
The sound got pretty epic towards the end.
But the kid is not my son!
On on the site ?Call of Booty
And here I was thinkin' I was the only person who had thought of "Call of Booty".
On on the site ?iDislike iPod
We are in agreement.
On on the site ?Seinfeld Quotes
Serenity now, insanity later. Extremely awesome. The fact that I recognized 90% of those quotes instantly made it even better.
Yeah, that's annoying. But I'll be damned if anything scares me more than a tornado siren.
As much as I oppose his views I can't help but think how bad of an idea this is. Remember that for all his faults he is a human being. What he needs is counseling, not an endless stream of phone calls from a bunch of angry, nerdy teenagers.
I was almost expecting that SNL bit with Lindsay Lohan...
I was trying to think of other names they could have used, but the one that stayed at the top of my list was "Warcraft Battlechest".
On on the site ?Army of AdSpace
I'd accuse you of being a knee-jerk reactionary, but this is pretty good. Only time will tell if the other three corners get 'sploited in such a way.
Cry me a river. Or two. Women make fun of men and nobody cares. Men make fun of women and suddenly it's sexist.
It does seem somewhat ironic to have the Soviet anthem when Yeltsin was the first president after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The theme mentioned by emeraldjed would work much better.
It's not your fault other people are stupid.
Yeah. Seriously. Bilbo Baggins?
Madness? THIS IS ADVERTISING! *kick*
On on the site ?NES of a Down
Impressive. Your master has taught you well...
I liked the Twinkies. They have a lot less saturated fast than most "dessert cakes" as they're called.