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January 21st, 2007
January 21st, 2007
January 19th, 2007
On on the site ?Do a death roll!
guess that guy has no arm anymore.
August 3rd, 2006
while the rest of that vid is rather pointless. i realy laughed my *ss off when i saw the end with stacy busting in and going like "omg. it's all for me. I am teh hotzrs." if you wana know what a girl will look liken when she is old, look at her mom. if her mom is dead. look away.
August 1st, 2006
wtf? it's not piracy because in most cases the creators of the anime are not only fine with it, but in favor of fansubing. naruto was ruined by being brought to the U.S. in dubbed form, bot to mention i lost interest in it around episode 125. also. do anime downvoters ever watch it? then what are they basing there opinion on? oh ya. stupid american sh*t is the only good sh*t in there heads.
On on the site ?The Dark Tower
ity's nice to see all thse artist portrayals of the dark tower. in the end of the siries, i wish i had listend to the warning about reading the end. i couldn't sleep for days wondering about existance itself. this book siries changed my life. I"m not kidding.
damn. i gota call it a night. don't start any raids or riats without me. ;)
^^ 0'd because you forgot to vote.
can anyone tell me how long the scientology fad has been such a big part of ytmnd. it has it's own section on the front page for christs sake. i have been afk for about two weeks so i have missed alot.
it would seen that today is a bad day for me to type.
ok. that pic is f*cking creepy. but i have to wonder about the tube in her face. i am not famikuar with autopsy prociedure so i don't know.
i have to say the beat up pic looks fake. it may not be for all i know and i hope it isn't so we have more to use but the mesurement tool bellow the chin looks tacked on.
well ya those pics where altered of shivo. (spelling!!!) but probably only because of the fact that we have no real images to show.
pointed at wrong person =(
^^^ scientologist. ;)
I can safly say i have a perpose in life now. this is some heavy sh*t.
looks like some people don't read. the top is the list of sientology ytmnds that do best. next is new ytmnd's. then top rated. thern top viewed. new layout with thye flood of CoS sites. cheack the bottom of the home page.
omfg. I laughed at him a lot.
damn. i thought that was a f*cked up ytmnd. but whats more strange is the idea that it spawned a fad months after all images and video had been deleted from almost all the internet. i want to cry thibnking is thinking that some people laughed at said video.
how is this nsfw?
Lol. sorry for getting so defensive.
I miss the contless hours i spent with that story. poor oy bit it in the worst way. =(
you had to make fun of the "f*cking awsome looking" coment hu?
The show is only half over. i acualy think the pc stole the show this year but who cares. i just don't want to hear anymore. it's getting tired. get a ps3 when you have the money, get a wii when you want. forget x-box. te wii does look very good tho
On on the site ?Bauman saves the PS3
omg!!!. so stolen. i mean the wii so stole the idea from a third party game (all be it made for a nintendo system) in withch you ilt the controller and the char moved. :O i am getting a wii, but would the fans shut the f*ck up?
+5 for statement about u.s. kids. -2 for horid song choice. -1 for the fact that 4 kids ruins every single thing they touch.
I still hold firm in my stance in this consle war. f*ck X-box.
That statement was worthy of a higher vote. have a four.
thats f*cking awsome looking. not five worthy but still f*cking awsome looking.
Whats your point? the chip set alone is worth it. I am saving my cash for two things. the wii, and the ps3. you should save too. the ps3 will rock. as will the wii. now if we could just get the name changed back.