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October 17th, 2007
On on the site ?pok-e-magic
Omg trade plz? (by the way, I'm not sure how many frames you put in this part so I can't say how hard it would be, but the Charizard card has little bits of white and black around it that sort of detract from the nicely integrated Charmeleon. Other than that, good job.)
Health code violation (no gloves) ...unpleasant demeanor... ... she obviously recieved employee of the month based on her speed and cleavage alone.
Saw the name and thought to myself "If she's not a making balloon animals, I'm going to be sorely dissapointed." What do you know?
That's actually not that uncommon of an occurance with those sorts of ads. All the same, though..the fact they event put Pikachu as an option...wow. ...Picachu's power level is over 9000? (Also, +1 for using the Pikachu chant. Nostalgia much?)
The editing work here is even more choppy and awkward than in the previous one .. and again..it's not that funny.
Wow. That's one hell of a scavenger hunt you went on, huh? This is a pretty impressive find and a really nice, relaxing song. I had completely forgotten about it. Thanks for sharing!
I...hm. It's not that funny to me, sorry. Maybe if you did a bit more editing work (in regards to the audio) you could better get across the idea you're trying to present.
On on the site ?Sonic Smokes Crack
I was surprised you didn't use the special stage graphics/music for this..but what's impressive about this remix is that it sort of carries the trippy feel of the special stage music with it, all the same. Very nice job.
Seeing the domain, I was expecting it to have a 'RAG TIME' button edited on. Can't say if I'm dissapointed or pleasantly surprised by that. Anyway. This is definitely an interesting take on the oven fad.. very strange, but I like the uniqueness of it and the smoothless of the majority of the 'openings'. Keep up the good work.
Oh..by the way..you know, the only part that was out of sync for me was the image of Lex at the end. So don't worry too much..and just keep trying.
On on the site ?Lex Luthor > Luigi
I disagree with your claim. When Lex Luthor starts jumping down sewage pipes and beating the sh*t out of turtles without hesitation to help save a woman he won't ever even end up with, maybe I'll reconsider.
On on the site ?A True Conandrum
The pun is clever, but nothing to write home about. You get a +1 for use of a high school (though I guess it could be an older band..?) drumline cadence.
The research you put into this shows through in the quality of the final product. The only complaint is that the font you used is a bit off and slightly smushed together. That minor issue aside, this is a clever and well-executed site. I like historytmnd and this one does not fail to please. (Also, I'm curious to your reasoning for Armstrong only giving the moon worth 4 stars.)
Looks more like a pale lavender mailbox to me.
The Chrono Trigger music sealed this 5 for you, sir.
I'd rather have asked for a pony.
We are forever in their debt.
Robbie = a bottle of BAWLS?
It's an okay idea but the execution could be better. For a quick fix, i'd suggest putting part at the end on a pure white background (which was probably your intention but..uh.. it didn't work?) Beyond that, I'd say perhaps you could slow down the text a little to make it a bit more readable and make a smoother transition from the black hole (which looks nice) to the white screen.
On on the site ?SILENTMND: South Africa
To me, this seems like one of those situations you come across every now and then where you think "Oh, what a bizzare coincidence." and you laugh a little about it and then you move on. What you've done is taken it and tried to apply it to a larger scacle... but when the only material it has to rely on is something that small, it's hard for it to support itself as far as humor goes. Please feel free to correct me if I'm missing something about this. I'll hold off on voting to give you a chance to reply.
Kinda sounds like the drill at my dentist's office. and ... that's about all this has going for it. It's not very funny, sorry.
The syncing is off a little near the end, but all the same this is a very original concept. If for nothing else, I have to give you a 5 for including that classic Bugs Bunny episode.
Not much of a Naruto fan, but Sasori is an interesting character all the same. It feels weird seeing him with a set in stone hair color after all this time. 4 from me.
I saw the site name and knew what was coming. Nice in-battle graphics and a clever idea.
On on the site ?Wolf Quest > WoW
You got your learning in my video games :<
If you don't follow along, it's easy to lose track of what's being said and hear nothing but a bunch of garbled sounds . Very weird. That aside.. it's always fun to listen to these. The computer references are undeniably clever and the rhythm is for the most part pretty consistant. Why, oh why must the good TTS crash young?
On on the site ?In Your Rice
This has to be one of the best pre-refresh syncs I've seen lately. It gets a bit behind at when it gets to Church's..but hey whatever. Overall, this is a very silly and clever little site. Nice job.
Cute idea, but the sillouettes are sort of choppy.. it's especially noticable on the still shots. Maybe try anti-aliasing them?
On on the site ?Pluto: First Blood
The impact from the shot and the blood are very unrealistic and sort of take away from the craftsmanship of the rest of this site. That aside, this is a very clean and well executed YTMND..everything runs smoothly and the additions are a nice touch. Keep up the good work.
Who is this mysterous man and what has he done with our third President?