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?Tech Support is NOT the Answer. (4.62) Hemisphere 2006-08-30
One of the best ive seen, ever.
upvoter55555 2006-08-30
?US Little Bird Wakes Up Snipers In Baghdad (4.34) rawr 2006-08-30
Im American, of course im going to fav this, lol
upvoter55555 2006-08-30
?Max, is my safety guaranteed? Muhammad, Jesus/... (3.68) Abel2 2007-01-07
This site is pure win. It must get on the top five!
upvoter55555 2007-01-07
?Oliver Twist wants more?!! (4.25) cooke 2007-01-07
upvoter55555 2007-01-07
?lol, black Republicans (3.59) theo47 2007-01-11
upvoter55555 2007-01-11
?Piñata Jedi Yet (4.56) AskAak 2007-03-01
WIIINNNNNNNNNwar This is so RIGHT! I loved it. Pure brilliance. Catchy sound, too.
upvoter55555 2007-03-01
?300TMND: This is an interruption! (4.66) colonelsanderson 2007-03-24
Good Jesus, hilarity
upvoter55555 2007-03-24
?One Hero Will Destroy Scientology! (4.37) mrgrim 2007-04-05
upvoter55555 2007-04-05