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1 rick moranis shrinks his children down to pea-size and shoves them down his cock hole and then jerks off all over their dog. the heat generated by the fapping overheats ricks cock and melts the kids while their trapped inside his urethra. The semen rushes up his shaft and engulfs the melted bloody kids turning the semen into a pink hued mixture, then moranis shoots all over the dog. Enlightened, Rick looks down at his pink cum covered dog and exclaims, " Ah, strawberry flavored." And then he beats the shit out of the dog with his glasses, because he has big glasses, and they hurt really bad when you beat something over the head with them.

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?lady gaga sticks her thumb up katy perrys ass and ... 6,410 54 (4.46)  2010-08-06 Background