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1 Because the CPC want to spread their right wing ideology, China is getting back to normal while most of the world is in lockdown, it is China’s enemy greed driven democracy that is worst hit, a bad strain in Iran the Shia power in the mid east, Putin blaming the U.S for the virus and MSB Sunni having play fighting to bring down oil prices destabilising the oil industry. Along with the existing push by Putin and the CPC for a right brain anxiety driven right wing ( Nazi like world ) too many coincidences, if its is found out the virus is man made the CPC can say to escaped from the Wuhan lab or someone took it out who has now been executed. This virus may mark the big push for a right wing world and a Sunni middle east, I am probably wrong it makes no difference really as the faulty right anxious/negative brain is to blame anyway one way or the other.

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?Nigganig420 513 8 (3.13)  2020-12-04 Foreground