Conan: Let's Go!
Created on: May 8th, 2010
Conan: Let's Go!
Conan O'Brien does "Let's Go (Pony)" by The Routers


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User: Wetdream

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i actually downvoted you because your effort to make a YTMND sucks badly. I'm sure you can do better. But please remember no matter how excellent your YTMND is you will get downvoted into an abysmal oblivion because 99% of the little micro penised fags that constantly downvote here are non artistic, impotent, mountain dew addicted queers who sip their own jizz. They will downvote a masterpiece and upvote the fuck out of anything that has harry potter in it or something about hans solo...because ;hands solo; is their sex life for suck but try to get better....remember, simple is always best.
July 7th, 2010

Indeed, simple is always best, but simplicity often only needs a little effort. This site was simple, and enough effort was put forth to communicate the basic idea. These two items must coexist harmoniously for a truly great YTMND: conception and execution. Without a good concept, a high effort site is much ado about nothing; without careful execution, a good idea cannot reach its full potential. Another important factor to consider when making a site is that of repetition. This applies to both of the previous characteristics.

Unfortunately, a good YTMND is not always a successful one. As pointed out by brianshortest, much of the community here rewards sites that appeal specifically to them, no matter what effort or creativity is involved. This is why direct rips persist. This is why depictions of women getting punched in the face dominate the weekly Top Rated. This is why it is nearly impossible to find a poorly rated site with non-shock-related nudity.

Occasionally, there are great, successful sites. The trick is to combine the elements of the two. However, when one attempts to be a crowdpleaser, one risks the loss of identity. That which distinguishes a particular user can become watered down by the incorporation of popular content. Truly, one's unique thumbprint will never be lost, but clouded it may become.

Nonetheless, no matter which path one chooses, one's time and efforts will always outweigh recognition. It is ultimately a thankless activity to create YTMNDs. Therefore, one should be motivated to make sites for people other than the community at large. Make them for personal satisfaction or for friends. Above all else, site creation should be fun. Why else recreate here? After all, everything is eventually forgotten, as this extravagantly composed comment will inevitably be.