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The Diarrhea Song
2010-08-11 18:34:19
Rock out to poop? Why, yes. Yes, you can. This is a song I recorded in the late 1990s and found on a CD I burned in 2000. Yes, it's 100% original. The song was originally recorded using some seriously wonky equipment. The vocals were belted through a Radio Shack cheap 7-dollar microphone and the multitrack on a Tascam 424 for those that remember that thing. The drums are fake and from a keyboard. All the guitars are real. The only thing different is that I added in a guitar at the end (which is why it sounds so different from the other) because that section was originally intended for a solo I never recorded. Instead I just added in a rhythm track because it seemed to fit better. Lyrics: ((PFFT)) DIARRHEA DIARRHEA YEAH ((PFFT)) PEOPLE THINK IT'S GROSS, BUT I THINK IT'S PRETTY GOOD ON TOAST DIARRHEA DRIVING IN MY CHEVY, AND I FEEL SOMETHING HEAVY DIAHHREA WHEN I'M WALKING DOWN THE HALL, AND I FEEL SOMETHING FALL DIARRHEA SLIDING INTO FIRST, AND I FEEL SOMETHING BURST DIARRHEA SLIDING INTO THIRD, AND I FEEL A WET TURD DIARRHEA YEAH DIARRHEA WHEN SOMETHING IS THE MATTER, AND I FEEL SOMETHING SPLATTER DIARRHEA WHEN THERE'S SOMETHING IN MY FEET, AND IT CAME FROM MY SEAT DIARRHEA WHEN I'M SLIDING INTO HOME, AND I FEEL SOMETHING'S BLOWN DIARRHEA WHEN I'M BREAKING ON THE BOWL, AND A WAVE COMES FROM THE HOLE DIARRHEA YEAH OOP! OH MAN, I GOTTA WIPE MY ASS. HEH HEH HEH HEH. ((PFFT))

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