Detroit Attacked By Vampires
Created on: March 24th, 2011
Detroit Attacked By Vampires
A bizarre question asked on Yahoo! Answers garners an even more bizarre response. When WAS the last time that Detroit was attacked by vampires? Does Robert Pattinson know about it? Text from Yahoo!: "A friend and I were discussing Eminem earlier today, and I had brought up the line in "Lose Yourself" when he compares his small neighborhood of Detroit as Salem's Lot. I was then wondering if Eminem had either read the novel of 'Salem's Lot, since there are two major differences between Jerusalem's Lot and the town in which Mr. Mathers grew up. 1) 'Salem's Lot was a small, quaint country village, not a poverty-stricken suburban ghetto of a major city. 2) 'Salem's Lot was being taken over by vampires. I do not believe that Detroit has been invaded by vampires recently, but I decided to check on here anyway. Does anyone here know of the last time Detroit had to fight off a vampire apocalypse? If you could help me, that would be great. Thank you." Best Answer: "The last time Detroit had to fight off a vampire attack was in November of 2005, when the book "Twilight" was released, causing many vampires to believe they could reveal themselves openly. The first signs of the attack was when several victims were found dead with bite marks in their necks. The police originally thought it was the work of sociopaths, but further proof was found when a dead vampire was found by several homeless men hoping for a reward. After the police found conclusive evidence, they brought it to the attention of the mayor. He was hesitant at first, but discovery of a second vampire corpse convinced him otherwise. He put out a press statement warning the citizens of Detroit, and killing techniques. This led to a plethora of vampire corpses. After it was found that most of these corpses were not vampires, but in fact emos, The mayor put out another press statement that told all of Detroit to alert the authorities if they found a vampire. This was to prevent more emo killings. (although, the mayor was heard saying that it was not necessarily a bad thing). Eventually most of the vampires were killed off, but there are some that live there still today."


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