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A message to all the haters
2012-01-15 17:37:39
I'm really sick and fuccking tired of all these trolls coming out of the woodwork saying dumbass shit about my sites. "Duuuuuurrrrr Adolph hitler" "UR SITES SUCK LOL NIGGER" gets fucking old after its repeated for about the billionth time this week. Furthermore, its really fucking racist and unfunny to say these things, even if you're being "ironic" and "doing it for the lulz". Newsflash! It's 2012. Try and fucking act like it. We don't need your pre-2005 sense of humor polluting this site. So this site is a final warning, to you unwashed dregs, 'tarded teens and general asswads who want to come on my sites and post hateful comments. DONT fucking do it. I will report your ass and you WILL be banned by a mod.

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