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1 MadTV + hella edit
1 Unlike Pilleater and all of its alts
1 Magneton overall should not be seen as a linchpin of a team, but as a tool used to increase the damage output and overall offensive effectiveness of a team's key members by removing their largest counters.
1 poop
1 Space Jam
1 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
1 Britney Spears - Hit Me Baby One More Time
1 Eminem
1 Bob Marley
1 Michael Keaton
1 Skyfall + GTAV sound effects + Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty To Me
1 Made it with FL Studio 9
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1 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
1 Scatman John + edits
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1 Ebony & Ivory
1 d'mite - read a book
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1 Chrono Trigger + farts
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1 See Keywords
1 Mixed Garchomp shines at one role above all else: breaking down defensive cores. With astonishingly high offensive stats, few defensive Pokemon can safely switch into its attacks. Because of its role as a wallbreaker, it is best used in the early- to mid-game in order to lure in and weaken Pokemon such as Skarmory and Landorus-T. It is important to know that it is not always necessary to Mega Evolve Garchomp instantly because prior to Mega Evolution, Garchomp outspeeds certain threats (such as Kyurem-B) that it otherwise cannot after it has Mega Evolved.
1 One glance at Metang's stats might suggest that it is suited to act as a defensive wall, but underestimate offensive Metang at your own risk, as it hits many of the offensive threats in the tier hard. Courtesy of its great bulk, Metang can also check physical and special attackers alike, such as Primeape, Serperior, Braviary, and Musharna. Unfortunately, Metang still cannot beat common leads such as Piloswine and Golem one-on-one, but it can survive an Earthquake from them, allowing it to make a move before it dies. Stealth Rock is a handy move on Metang, chipping off health from Pokemon such as Charizard and Rotom-S to which Metang can do little otherwise. Meteor Mash is a strong STAB move, 2HKOing Serperior, Primeape, and Skuntank after Stealth Rock damage.
1 This set's spread maximizes Attack and Speed so that Liepard can hit as hard and fast as possible. As Liepard isn't going to be surviving many hits, Black Glasses is used to give a boost to Liepard's STAB moves. The boost in power is what makes Liepard's Knock Off capable of OHKOing and 2HKOing Pokemon such as Meloetta and Doublade. While an Adamant nature might seem tempting, as Liepard has priority on Encore as-is and might also be using Sucker Punch, the boost in power is simply not worth being outsped by dangerous threats such as Mismagius and Calm Mind Delphox.
1 Bob Dylan
1 This thing never dies. Hidden Power Grass is used for other Waters, primarily Quagsire, but Toxic stops the ever common Hypno and Grumpig switches. Ice Beam has STAB and is a generally great attacking type. The defense allows it to switch into even Choice Band Gligar Earthquakes and Rock Slides, and then scare it off with STAB Ice Beam. Surf is another option in the last slot, as it also gets STAB and hits stuff like Aggron.
1 Fire Blast on Delphox is mandatory because it's Delphox's best STAB option. The same applies for Psychic and Psyshock, as they are also good STAB options and can be counted on for reliability. The choice between Psychic and Psyshock comes down to whether you want a stronger Psychic-type attack or a bit weaker one that hits Aromatisse, Assault Vest Druddigon, and Gallade for better damage. Grass Knot provides coverage against Rock-types and lets Delphox get past Rhyperior specifically. Finally, Switcheroo is used to cripple regular Delphox switch-ins, such as Slowking, Jellicent, and Druddigon, and it's a good move to render most walls useless.
1 erfectly, and Carracosta can also set up Stealth Rock for Leavanny. Leavanny appreciates a teammate that can absorb Toxic Spikes, such as Skuntank, which can also Pursuit trap Misdreavus and Haunter, both of which give Leavanny trouble. Torkoal is an option as a spinner to start forming a Fire / Water / Grass core and take on all the Fire- and Bug-type attacks aimed at Leavanny. RestTalk Regice is a great partner as it can stop rain teams and Articuno and Vileplume, Pokemon Leavanny struggles with, while Leavanny can remove its sleep status with Heal Bell. Eelektross makes for a good partner to muscle through Mandibuzz, as well as other Flying-types that Leavanny cannot beat. Another partner that works well is Misdreavus, as it can spinblock and Taunt any Stealth Rock leads.
1 The last move is dedicated to healing Rotom-W as best as it can. Pain Split is useful because it allows Rotom-W to also run Leftovers, gradually recovering its HP throughout the match. It also damages the opponent if they switch in something like Chansey or Mega Venusaur and Rotom-W is at mid or low health. However, Rest has its merits as well. If Rotom-W gets hit with a status move, Rest is useful for healing it. Rest also completely heals Rotom-W, while Pain Split is dependent on the opponent's health. However, Rest is unreliable, as it can only be used once with a Chesto Berry without putting Rotom-W to sleep. Thunder Wave can be used over Will-O-Wisp, but it is usually an inferior option, as common switch-ins to Rotom-W, such as Latias, Quagsire, Chansey, and Mega Venusaur, dislike burns more than paralysis.
1 The Wizard of Oz
1 Blizzard is viable, especially in hail, as it really packs a punch and can deal major damage. A Focus Sash can secure a few surprise KOs, but Expert Belt and Life Orb are generally better. Expert Belt is the preferred choice for most teams as it helps Genesect get a number of significant KOs with no drawbacks. Genesect can also use a Life Orb to increase its damage output, but it means that Genesect is worn down much faster.
1 Conkeldurr (M) @ Assault Vest Ability: Guts Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD Adamant Nature - Mach Punch - Ice Punch - Drain Punch - Earthquake Excadrill (M) @ Occa Berry Ability: Sand Rush EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Earthquake - Rapid Spin - Rock Slide - Swords Dance Swampert (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Torrent EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD Adamant Nature - Earthquake - Stealth Rock - Waterfall - Avalanche Tyranitar (M) @ Assault Vest Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD Adamant Nature - Crunch - Stone Edge - Pursuit - Earthquake
1 Nightwish - Ghost Love Score
1 Mick Jagger + David Bowie - Dancing in the Street
1 GlennQuagmire

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