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Magcargo is a Pokemon which has many crippling flaws that prevent it from shining in the limelight of the NU metagame. Due to its horrible typing, Magcargo not only has a Stealth Rock weakness, but it also sports 4x weaknesses to common Water and Ground-type moves, as well as a weakness to Fighting-type moves. To make matters worse, Magcargo has incredibly underwhelming Special Defense and HP, meaning that many powerful special attacks, such as Jynx's Focus Blast, will take it out after Stealth Rock. Despite these problems, Magcargo still makes a decent check to several important Pokemon in the NU metagame, including Swellow, Drifblim and Charizard, thanks to its key resistances to Normal-, Flying-, and Fire-type attacks. Magcargo also has a unique support movepool, including options such as Memento, Will-O-Wisp, and Stealth Rock, as well as a reliable recovery move. However, theses traits do not make Magcargo a good Pokemon and more often than not, other defensive Fire- and Rock-types, such as Torkoal and Regirock, will be better options for your team.
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