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Abort, Retry, Fail
YTMND's aging servers have been failing left and right. Make a YTMND that explains what's happening to the servers or where they're going in their afterlife. The contest winner will receive a piece of YTMND history in the form of a dead server (with drives removed).
One YTMND server
Start Date
March 26th, 2013 10:57am
End Date:
April 26th, 2013 11:56am
Entry Deadline:
April 23rd, 2013 11:56am
rank site user score
1st ?Meanwhile at the YTMND Server Room/Bar MrSinistar 2013-03-27 (163 total votes)
2nd ?Max S rver H rd are Str ss Te t Fluk3 2013-04-05 (122 total votes)
3rd ?The Max Goldberg Proxy hanktherapper 2013-03-30 (129 total votes)
4th ?The Replacement Servers Brandon00151 2013-03-28 (124 total votes)
6th ?my reaction to max server shut down ghcghcghc 2013-04-07 (38 total votes)
7th ?Death Is Only The Beginning... ripytmnd 2013-04-04 (33 total votes)
8th ?Allocating Max: r/min Fluk3 2013-04-06 (15 total votes)
9th ?Public Execution fearcondom 2013-03-29 (67 total votes)
10th ?#MaxGolbderg Kills the Server @ YTMND Mansquito 2013-04-07 (35 total votes)
11th ?MaMax goes shopping thebito 2013-04-07 (34 total votes)
12th ?Servers I am soooooo sorry<3 dvsilverwing 2013-04-06 (41 total votes)
13th ?Epic Max Guy woman 2013-04-14 (50 total votes)
14th ?(nsfw) Max's server hits the road prairiedogeric10 2013-03-26 (39 total votes)
15th ?What Max is doing right now hanktherapper 2013-03-29 (25 total votes)
17th ?Contest Entry: This is Not a Contest Entry DarthWang 2013-03-27 (29 total votes)
18th ?max ends all stupid contest entries for good Primatron 2013-03-28 (16 total votes)
19th ?Lazy Sunday Avril 14th Server Contest Entry Dstroke503 2013-04-14 (18 total votes)
20th ?Just here waiting xGIBSx 2013-04-02 (9 total votes)
21st ?TRUTHTMND: How to save YTMND! woman 2013-04-07 (14 total votes)
22nd ?max burries ytmnd in the wrong graveyard Primatron 2013-03-27 (17 total votes)
23rd ?RIP YTMND and Servers ghcghcghc 2013-03-30 (14 total votes)
24th ?Computer Love HailFail 2013-04-13 (10 total votes)
25th ?MAX, DON'T!!! woman 2013-03-26 (21 total votes)
26th ?Archive Video 001 [Server Test] 2013 Primatron 2013-03-27 (15 total votes)
27th ?Servers Dead/Lando is Not ghcghcghc 2013-04-02 (10 total votes)
30th ?One day in the YMTD servers... Noodlehead123 2013-04-12 (7 total votes)
31st ?Ignore this site and go to woman 2013-04-20 (9 total votes)
32nd ?SIGN THE PETITION TO REVERT YTMND INTO ITS TR... woman 2013-04-19 (12 total votes)
33rd ?Sir Sean HailFail 2013-04-13 (3 total votes)
35th ?Contest winner woman 2013-03-28 (16 total votes)
36th ?team NC loses v TFL scooba 2013-04-11 (6 total votes)
41st ?This site has nothing to do with the contest woman 2013-03-29 (9 total votes)
43rd ?Server has a backup ytnmd 2013-04-15 (4 total votes)
45th ?FadTMD:The Moon Man/@MoonMan Has Something to s... robloxsoulman 2013-03-27 (6 total votes)
47th ?The Doom Song over9000skittles 2013-03-28 (2 total votes)
48th ?New YTMND Chat! woman 2013-04-21 (9 total votes)
52nd ?FadTMD:the fad that crashed the ytmnd servers robloxsoulman 2013-03-28 (6 total votes)
53rd ?annun cacca cacca cacca flynns82 2013-04-13 (5 total votes)
54th ?Dope TwinkieDick 2013-03-31 (5 total votes)
55th ?It is finished ytnmd 2013-04-20 (3 total votes)
57th ?horse jordan-e-lopez 2013-04-02 (5 total votes)
59th ?why the ytmnd servers were down mastermario 2013-04-20 (4 total votes)
60th ?qwerty r0f1b10x 2013-03-30 (4 total votes)
61st ?Bad to the bone rotuy 2013-04-19 (4 total votes)
62nd ?What happens when the servers fail Grayssake 2013-04-20 (4 total votes)