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YTMNDev 2014
With development under way, it's time to figure out what needs to be done around here. Make a YTMND displaying what features you'd most like or bugs you think need attention. Also, the wiki and bug tracker are back online. Creators of the three highest rated sites will have the choice between free YTMND shirts/stickers or a retired YTMND server (while supplies last). New sites only please!
Choice of YTMND servers or merchandise.
Start Date
April 9th, 2014 07:06pm
End Date:
April 30th, 2014 07:06pm
Entry Deadline:
April 29th, 2014 07:06pm
rank site user score
1st ?User Content Profit Sharing Fluk3 2014-04-29 (172 total votes)
2nd ?YTMND must recreate the Synchronizer! Pikachu4170 2014-04-10 (75 total votes)
3rd ?What do I want on YTMND JAUG 2014-04-10 (94 total votes)
4th ?Talking Man To Man With Max About Bugs and Features BoredJedi 2014-04-12 (72 total votes)
5th ?Pixel Perfect Pizza Fluk3 2014-04-17 (113 total votes)
6th ?YTMND suggested improvements madDogSoldier 2014-04-29 (31 total votes)
7th ?(nsfw) easter is sunday so i made a site about it Famery-Gai 2014-04-19 (33 total votes)
8th ?How to fix "You're The Man Now Dog" i... GaryGnu 2014-04-19 (35 total votes)
9th ?Anything that happens is possible ytnmd 2014-04-26 (13 total votes)
11th ?What YTMND needs again prairiedogeric10 2014-04-09 (22 total votes)
12th ?1111111111`1`1111`1`1``1````````````````````````````````````````1 Krangar18 2014-04-10 (27 total votes)
14th ?Taking a bong rip for YTMND Guess 2014-04-20 (9 total votes)
15th ?eiufheriushgreiouhtoierhtuierwhntuiwqtiuwhoithwoithwoith3iwt... Guess 2014-04-18 (12 total votes)
16th ?The Internet was better in the 90's woman 2014-04-23 (11 total votes)
17th ?haha 420 smoking it up lol Guess 2014-04-19 (11 total votes)
18th ?Dog vs. mantis woman 2014-04-23 (12 total votes)
19th ?(nsfw) YTMND ain't broke wewgas 2014-04-19 (7 total votes)
20th ?Mantis eating a lizard woman 2014-04-27 (10 total votes)
21st ?ytmnd tastical ldrancer 2014-04-21 (9 total votes)
22nd ?haha its 420 lmfao u smokeing O_o Guess 2014-04-20 (10 total votes)
24th ?dolphins showerlist 2014-04-10 (9 total votes)
25th ?What YTMND DOESN'T need! woman 2014-04-26 (11 total votes)
26th ?(nsfw) Fatdanc3rdance fatdanc3r 2014-04-21 (8 total votes)