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Color ME YTMND 2.1.1 (updated)
fad comps are still hilarious. new updates to hopefully help get OVER 9000 hits, because I did not forget Poland, the X-citing art of Dave Cockrum or the tragic sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Now includes: mangione, jurassic park brachiosaurus, bush, poland, polend, kaz hirai, lando, danson, epic pacard, baron lasers, horswarz, arnold, kirby, pee wee hermit, slim jim, snoop nye the slam guy, scrooge mcduck, king leonidas, eminem's mom's spaghetti, giant enemy crab, luthor wrong, l ron hubbard, scientology, will smith, cookie monster, the internet is for porn, dr l33t, bipft, hooker boots, shoe on head, snape kills dumbledore, HTPAT, DTMB, I can break these cuffs, 4chan, max, spiderman stole that guys p1zz4, keyboard cat in space, moon man, kramer, shepard psa, marv, spider, harry potter, dramatic breakup letter, uncle phil, pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes, grover tragedy, oscar, garbage day, billy v koen, matlab, nigga stole my lightcycle, mooninites, shopping cart, over 9000, chocolate, willy wonka, spongebob squarepants, patrick, rainbow stalin, master of nothing, chad warden, ps triple space fucker, hippo, dave cockrum large version:
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