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Sponsoring a YTMND is a great way to drive traffic to your creations or even creations you admire or feel have been overlooked. Sponsorship will cause a YTMND to be "stuck" to the front page for the duration of the sponsorship (10 days). The amount (minus fees) will be displayed on the front page, the site's profile, as well as your user profile (unless you sponsor anonymously). The amount is up to you, it can be anywhere from $0.50 to $5,000.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Sponsorship isn't instant if you pay by check, PayPal does not hit our servers until the check has cleared.
  • Front page sponsorship is first-come first-serve, if you want to get on the front page, sponsor more than the lowest sponsored YTMND.
  • Sponsorship amount is displayed *after* fee calculation, so if you are trying for a specific amount, use the calculator below.
  • Fraud will not be tolerated, we will actively report any suspicious activity to the authorities as well as terminate accounts when necessary.
  • If you make a mistake feel free to email, sponsorships can only be refunded within the first two hours after payment.
  • Sponsorship payments are made through PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards, checks. No signup is required.
  • Any sponsorship over the amount of $250 will be given an extra 10 days on the front page.
  • We are still allowing Kiva receipts to be used as sponsorship currency. For more details see the news post where it was announced. Please join the YTMND Kiva team too!

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