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of course, i created it
On on the site ?4D cube travel
youre the m4n
es joshin. Oh and does M theory support the existance of 4D objects? I know it involves 11 dimensional vectors but i wasnt sure about objects. Just because the dimension exists doesnt mean objects will have it.
alright maybe they do exist. but does it matter? will they help you get laid?
On on the site ?legos did wtc
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On on the site ?legos did wtc
jeez chazz next time I'll make a site about 4 dimensional asian women, will that make you happy? :)
its like they know me :P
nicely done, i always have a hard time drawing those things
You gotta believe me. I have no clue how my sites got on the top 5.
yeah, i said that lol
4d doesn't have to be time. I meant 4-d as in space.
Thanks! Have a nice day.
It is a theory. It's an extrapolation of facts about known dimensions. Take inifinity copies of 3-D space and extend them along an as of yet, unexperienced direction, the direction paralel to the W axis. I find mathematical extrapolation interesting, that's why I made this, not to prove the physical existance of 4-D objects in the real world.
a line can be thought of as infinite adjacent colinear points, a plane is infinite adjacent coplaner lines, space, infinite adjacent cospacer planes, and now 4-D space, infinite adjacent 3-D spaces.
I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean. How is any dimension defined by another dimension?
the point is, the two cubes exist in the same point on x, y, and z, but on at a different point on w (just like the two opposite sides of a cube could exist in the same x-y coordinates, but one would be higher on the z axis)
w doesn't have a name, because we never experience it. the names really don't mean anything, they are all interchangeable when you rotate the object.
On on the site ?a hypercube.
thats a hyphycube
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just like if you look at a block in space it exists for maybe a foot (in height width etc) in time it might exist for a second or so
a block is bounded by 3 dimensions and therefore a 4d block is bounded by 3d... and time. meaning it exists for an amount of time then dissapears. a sphere is the same, but its round so it appears in a more gradual way.
On on the site ?4D sphere (time)
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Also, this one is even harder to comprehend than mine. But the fact that it's moving eliminates the 4d/3d ambiguity mine had.