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January 8th, 2008
Whoa didn't expect this to make it back up the top viewed, still a good site.
November 10th, 2007
Engrish often occurs in games with enormous amounts of text to be translated. This is not funny though, and takes way too long.
August 29th, 2007
belongs on youtube
August 27th, 2007
5'd for John Galt, someone knows his sh*t.
August 3rd, 2007
On on the site ?It's Illegal To Say..
Belongs on youtube
May 13th, 2007
Yeah the Cosby inclusion takes down the goodness.
May 9th, 2007
Good job, but it would have been much better IMHO if you had let your idea stand on it's own without using someone else's work as a springboard. The Ted Stevens thing just makes your own take on this YTMND less effective and possibly downright confusing to someone who hasn't seen the site that it's taken from. Sorry to nitpick, but I wouldn't if I didn't think that this had the potential to be the best use of the Milton fad I've seen in some time.
April 29th, 2007
dork lol
April 29th, 2007
It starts out really good, but the part with that boop boop noise and no voices starts to wear thin really quickly but just keeps going. 4'd
April 10th, 2007
On on the site ?We Did It!
I really should 1 this, but I laughed dammit.
April 8th, 2007
nobody cares
March 13th, 2007
wtf don't get cheap on me that was hammond's mistake
February 28th, 2007
God I love that cat
February 10th, 2007
On on the site ?Don't open this YTMND
OMFG I used to love those movies
February 5th, 2007
Holy sh*t, 10/5!
January 27th, 2007
5'd for the best FF of them all, in addition to one of the best moments in all of gaming history. Though a souce or explanation of how the image was created would be greatly appreciated.
January 24th, 2007
On on the site ?The FABULOUS X-Men!
Wolverine was being mind controlled. The whole team was being f*cked with by Cassandra Nova at the time this happend. He eventually had a beer and snapped out of it.
January 21st, 2007
On on the site ?You Betrayed the LAWL
For the love of god my anus is bleeding!
December 28th, 2006
Too fast, plus you fail for being cliched and for self sponsorship. The USA isn't perfect but there are many reasons to call it a great country, many of which can be accredited to these men you are bashing and apparently know or care nothing about.
December 24th, 2006
LOL uncited ripoff http://lifemegamanmuppet.ytmnd.com/
December 14th, 2006
The theater did the right thing. The other people who paid good money to see the movie have the right to see it uninterrupted and that kid does not have the right to disturb them no matter what his condition may be.
December 9th, 2006
Oh, f*ck!
December 9th, 2006
I admit, I used to do this when bored.
December 9th, 2006
On on the site ?
f*ckin' gross!
December 7th, 2006
I rate this 10 stars for that comic.
December 7th, 2006
December 7th, 2006
I love this band and you did a good job
December 4th, 2006
On on the site ?(nsfw) VIP (NSFW)
December 4th, 2006
Most of 'em not actually that hot; nasty faces or teeth and no boobs does not really do it for me.
December 4th, 2006
On on the site ?[[Tribute]]
lol preloader plz