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October 4th, 2008
I find myself coming back to watch this multiple times a day, knowing exactly what is going to happen; but I still laugh. That's good.
On on the site ?
5'd for 'same as above, it was too long so i didnt wanna write it again'
lol, please send this into MTV. its way better than that sh*t on there. also, 'lindsay lohan is coming to' ftw!
On on the site ?OMG=WTF
physics is wonderful
lol, shouldnt buy a mac
On on the site ?(nsfw) Lazytown: Oh
teh sexiest ever
On on the site ?Batman's Little Detour
batman sounds exactly like the Mayor Adam West from family guy...?
neither is leet or pwn
On on the site ?Shut up idiots™
this a man eatin some man food
i really hate bob saget
Hermione looks like an idiot, but conan still pwns.
On on the site ?YtmndDown
whats the name of this song?
Reply to teddo's comment on the site ?YtmndDown
On on the site ?Daft Beatz
this is also going on my ipod
On on the site ?Avril Steals Again?
more obvious than the vanilla ice - queen steal
On on the site ?Tragedy at the bakery
i love this fad
On on the site ?What do you see?
this movie owns just like you
FYI, I'm saving this to my ipod so i can dance later, thx
ZOMG u r teh digital master! how much do i pay you?
haha, this is one is almost as good as the first =)
if u choke & screw it liek swishahouse, i'll give u a million fives
lol, i knew someone would do this
this is awesome man. totally under rated
elaborate plz
On on the site ?Mario is Outrageous!
needs moar sparkle
nickelback is the worst band on the planet