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?A new, endless power source! (4.07) Cranberry 2006-07-05
Asian 24DET FTW!
C-Rex 2006-07-05
?Epic Windows XP Maneuver (4.59) spazdor 2006-07-05
I hate that message, but now I know how win!
C-Rex 2006-07-05
?Mos-Cow (3.59) RaCailum 2006-07-05
This makes up for all those stupid Moscow YTMNDs floating around! uber-fav'd
C-Rex 2006-07-05
?Wolfman Butterfly (2.50) jakerzinc 2006-07-14
Faved, as this song and character derived from it are pure 24.1 karat win.
C-Rex 2006-07-14
?What is love without Eminem!? (4.35) grassleaf 2006-07-15
I can't fit more stars in here, so you only get 5'd. I'd love to have the whole track.
C-Rex 2006-07-15
?Jet Li- The One: The Investigation (4.23) scottman25 2006-07-16
I had no idea where this could be going, and then there it was in all it's glory!: NED M. FTW!
C-Rex 2006-07-16
?Sonic gives telemarketer lady advice (3.57) DWYCK 2006-07-16
Awsome editing, best one on the Sonic fad so far.
C-Rex 2006-07-16
?zazazazazaza (4.43) MrApgar 2006-07-18
Awsome, you've managed to make a new fad, and get this stuck in my head all day at work. I now need to FAV this so I can sleep.
C-Rex 2006-07-18
?Stan Sells EVERYTHING To Guybrush (Monkey Is... (4.56) Torico 2006-08-04
C-Rex 2006-08-04
?Karate Kid II Drums - Miyagi's Final Salute (4.05) TDP 2006-08-05
Haha, nonsense!
C-Rex 2006-08-05
?Tacos to the Limit! (4.30) Avalanche219 2006-08-05
I'm at a loss for words, but I want one, for sure.
C-Rex 2006-08-05
?giraffes in the air! (4.29) cheekygirl 2006-08-05
lol, giraffes are in the air, indeed
C-Rex 2006-08-05
?Take a moment to relax (4.37) elladanorelrohir 2006-08-09
Ze uber cool pics.
C-Rex 2006-08-09
?Who ate that toast??? (4.21) darkheadcrab 2006-08-09
l33t stop motion
C-Rex 2006-08-09
?YTMND.co.jp (4.57) LifeInGreen 2006-08-09
Anime-ification of everyone.
C-Rex 2006-08-09
?He-man and Teela trip balls (4.31) krebstar 2006-08-09
C-Rex 2006-08-09
?friendly fire (4.27) State-of-mind 2006-08-10
C-Rex 2006-08-10
?What is the Matrix? (4.63) MasterSitsu 2006-10-07
This is the Matrix!
C-Rex 2006-10-07
?Google offers valuable life advice. (3.04) SpliceVW 2006-10-13
Relavent google ads!
C-Rex 2006-10-13
?Moskau goes to Japan (3.82) MJGHavoc22 2006-11-01
Lol, Korean Music
C-Rex 2006-11-01
?Luke, we're gonna have company! (4.67) briglass 2006-11-17
?ZOMG Bill Nye Hardcore Remix (4.24) DaltonMan321 2006-11-17
This remix is HOT!
C-Rex 2006-11-17
?Dr. Seuss Is STILL A Genius (4.54) astuteNacute 2006-11-25
This was a drinking game in KC at Roz's party once, remember?
C-Rex 2006-11-25
?Wonka breaks it down (4.66) nutnics 2006-11-26
Greatist evar!1
C-Rex 2006-11-26
?De Niro loves popcorn (4.21) fearcondom 2006-12-29
?Sexual urges of men and women (dont click if u ca... (4.18) gojcaj 2007-01-03
F*king PWND!
C-Rex 2007-01-03
?What is 88 mph? (4.29) ewingsquadron 2007-01-03
?It's Good! Want Some? (4.76) PCF 2007-01-03
It's chocolate, you eat it, it's good.
C-Rex 2007-01-03
?Tubesnow.com (3.73) FoxTaco 2007-01-16
The internet is not a big truck, it's a series of tubes with remixed music.
C-Rex 2007-01-16
?Stay Puft (Ghostbusters) Myspace Suicide (4.15) GeckoYamori 2007-02-12
Listen to this mixup!
C-Rex 2007-02-12
?Shotgun in Face (4.31) AndySavage 2007-02-20
C-Rex 2007-02-20
?SHOCKING CATS (4.65) echo24 2007-04-09
C-Rex 2007-04-09
?VOTE RON PAUL 2008!!! (3.24) Wizzletoff 2008-01-03
?My Anus Is Too Big! (3.82) jkarhu24 2010-02-06
?Dik dik to love tests new ytmnd features (3.96) Kalahari 2011-02-02