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?(nsfw) Stephanie Loves Horse Dick (3.87) Hellsatan 2006-10-30
5 for "crossing the line". Please do similar (animated though) work with this one: http://heysismorerootbeer.ytmnd.com/
C0unt 2006-10-30
?Rest of Butterscotch Commercial (4.65) warden 2006-11-27
?(Spoilers for The Departed) Drop it (4.32) eLGee 2006-12-19
?Breaking Up is Hard (4.15) richards6 2007-02-13
?Bart's Mortal Enemy (3.79) mattdh12 2007-02-13
?Brown gets down **THE DEPARTED* SPOILER* ... (4.38) Chochocho 2007-02-16
?Smooth Cereal (4.52) dctownes 2007-02-17
?P1ZZ4 P1ZZ4 B1TE5 (4.20) cooke 2007-02-20
?Super Robot Oprah Dance Party (3.90) optimuskyle 2007-03-11
There was no need to imagine seduction, preparation, or the fumbling and frustrating slowness of trying to find each other's rhythm the first time. All he had to do was imagine Squall's long, hot body above him, making him spread his legs. And he did, he spread wide, begging his imaginary lover for it. "Fuck, yes, get it in me Squall! Give it to me, want it so bad, fuck me with it!" he pleaded into the dark, watching the vision in his mind looming over him. In his palm, his erection was throbbing, growing hotter and even stickier with every breathless gasp. Would Squall fuck him silently? Would he get to hear the man moan? Tonight it would be without a sound, a deep and steady and wordless fucking because dream-Squall wanted to be in Irvine as badly as Irvine wanted the real Squall buried in his ass.
C0unt 2007-03-11
?Hey, Good Lookin'! (3.49) frenchbreadpizza 2007-08-22
?I didn't mean to turn you Han - - (REFRESH... (4.36) AskAak 2007-08-31