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On on the site ?Open the Door!
This gif is ancient as the cosmos.
August 2nd, 2006
I like the part where fish evolve directly into birds.
Decent use of an overplayed fad.
Classic YTMND format starts you out at a 5.
"Oh but the picture from the late Mesozoic done up with with sh*tty, overdone, and not relevent fad music makes it suddenly hilarious!" Shut the f*ck up.
Image used before? Check. Sound used before? Check. Played out fad? Check.
Thanks for the PM asking I revote for your sh*tty site. If I could give you less than a 1 I would, you c*nt.
There it goes. Crisis averted.
I'd be sad too. :(
On on the site ?TO THE EXTREME!
A singular focus, not a f*ggy short film.
On on the site ?Heinz Sells Dick
I chuckled a little. Which incidentally is worth a four these days.
Oh sh*t! I must have one!
Oh boy, a triple fad! That's never been done before!
Although this site is fad-laden, I admit to having done this before. So I empathize.
The solution is simply not to make sites, and just criticize people. It makes me feel good about myself and compensates for my undersized penis.
On on the site ?Take that.....
Old idea, and poorer execution than previous submitters.
On on the site ?whoa...
A singular focus, not a f*ggy short film.
Good work on the minimal effort fad site. I especially liked the asterisks around the title, as if it were intended compel people to click the link.
Hilarious! You're number one, man!
On on the site ?Flowers for YTMND
Go go anti-NARV movement.
On on the site ?InfamousX caught..
f*ck you and your forum sites.
On on the site ?GAYTMND: Gay Pirates
lol, censorship
On on the site ?Olliesaurus warns.
Hooray, classic YTMND action right here.
That's not how Agents take over bodies.