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Their running back, Smith, who's not that bad, should have just stayed for his senior year at my he's stuck on a team I think my old high school could have beat.
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I know its cliche' but I just like the olde school tetris music for this.
JESUS, her stomach even has multiple chins...
I was going to 1 this but then I saw that little hat and just didn't have the heart to.
Looks like Snake Eyes would have let both of them die
Cobra Commander for World Dictator in '08
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Is that a folded napkin on Rambos head?
I wish Sideshow Bob was running as a Republican...I'd vote for him. That's a maniacal laugh you can trust.
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I have parkinsons...its not all bad...I'm very popular with the ladies.
Oddly, upon further viewing, the guy in the back doesn't seem as shocked as one would generally be when a smiling gumby bursts forth from a comrades chest.
Congrats on a chuckle inducing first site...I bestow a five upon you my child.
The most disturbing thing I've seen to day....kudos to you sir.
Don't forget its scarf...which not only keeps llama warm and stylish, but also wards off those pesky thetans.
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I really don't know what to say...other than that guy in the upper left corner is freaking me the hell out...
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For some reason I think of Kirmit the frog when I hear that guys voice...
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The carbs eyes darting back and forth made this one of my all time faves. I tip my fancy top hat to you sir.
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Shes probably on so many drugs she wont realize its a shotgun shes fellating before its too late.
He is so f*cking crazy it makes me want to punch a baby.
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Let me start again...what I mean is are you legal?
I think you mean Battlestar Galactica...
Congratulations, you're probably not gay!
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Some people go to the gym five times a week...I play with a light saber.
I had sex too! So cross me out! Wait are we counting blow up dolls in this?
We also need crocodile moat!
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