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On on the news post Boom Boom.
I like the way it looks, and you guaranteed it, Max! =^D
The site looks a lot nicer now.
I better not tell Moon Man that I enjoy drinking black coffee.
The people are mad because their team lost in a fight against the Bruins, so what did they do? They started a huge hockey game and are destroying the city.
Moon Man is just lulling you into a false sense of security.
On on the site ?Died While Raping
You used the perfect song for the story!
This is what happened when I posted a link to this on a forum.
The ICP should be glad Moon Man was willing to acknowledge their existence.
I posted this on a couple of forums I visit. They won't know until it hits them! >:^D
I now use duct tape to keep both of my eyes open every time I go to sleep.