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January 25th, 2008
On on the site ?Blue Moon
January 25th, 2008
On on the site ?The Great Gatsby
Poor son of a bitch
It's f*cking Dschingis Khan
On on the site ?Brian DESU
4chan sucks
you are the resurrection man
He was a good man
HOLY HELL THAT... was neat
wish it was better quality
Stalin would be pleased!
you didn't do sh*t besides put stalin on there, but then again that's saying a lot for a ytmnd
Suprised I never saw this before. Insta favorite
On on the site ?Japaneese Boobies 3
I don't really see what's special about jap girls... but nice boobs nonetheless
On on the site ?Khanunism
Oh snaps I saw this a long time ago and wondered where it went!
Power overwhelming
lulz, sh*t
On on the site ?I AM IMPACT!
lol first game's song was better but this one is still good
Game would be a piece of sh*t.
good site. what is the ytmnd in the very bottom right?
On on the site ?Reptar Cereal
On on the site ?Where is Reptar!?
lol I thought it was going to be the Spanish inquisition because we all know aggressive emos are heretics
lol failage
Stalin has no need for emotions
On on the site ?A Russian's Life