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?Ytmndgirl Fails at YTMND (original) (3.95) boomaga 2006-05-10
This is among one of the best ytmnds ever, despite being a "faggy short film". It gets its points across, and well. And I couldn't agree with what's being said more.
DoomGaze 2006-05-10
?giant enemy crab song (4.01) jgdogg182 2006-06-19
DoomGaze 2006-06-19
?Loom (4.00) archdeco 2006-07-14
Among the best game ever.
DoomGaze 2006-07-14
Among the best games ever.
DoomGaze 2006-07-14
?Hassan gets revenge on UPN (3.69) pkilla87 2006-07-31
?free brian peppers rap (3.68) Kory 2006-09-01
So good.
DoomGaze 2006-09-01
?Why God Exists (Updated with Q and A at the end) (2.95) whetstone 2006-09-07
Fuck Atheism.
DoomGaze 2006-09-07
?Final Fantasy VI Hidden Scene! (4.45) BoscoeFlatts 2006-09-10
DoomGaze 2006-09-10
?INTERNET!!! (3.98) Dunkinbean 2006-10-02
Best site ever.
DoomGaze 2006-10-02
?What the hell is Wolf Blitzer saying? (4.18) Aeus 2008-04-06