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?Stan Sells EVERYTHING To Guybrush (Monkey Is... (4.56) Torico 2006-06-05
This is genius
Dystopian 2006-06-05
?Internet is for khan (4.15) MeMeMe 2006-06-11
Ludicrous image? Check! Strange off-Broadway musical score? Check! Excellent and deeply disturbing sound edit? Check!
Dystopian 2006-06-11
?An Illustrated History of Scientology (4.53) drhouse 2006-06-15
Dystopian 2006-06-15
?Boo Talks 'Bout Scientology (1 of 7) (4.30) boomaga 2006-06-17
The reason this is totally fucking genius is that is draws the joke out ,and it never stops being funny. And the text is pure wordcraft magic!
Dystopian 2006-06-17
?Boo Talks 'Bout Scientology (4 of 7) (4.29) boomaga 2006-06-17
Best side-swipe lampoon of LDS history I've EVER seen. This is SO good it hurts.
Dystopian 2006-06-17
?Planescape Torment (3.90) Pottsdam 2006-06-28
There is no game better than Planescape: Torment. No, not that one either. This is better. Hooray for tribute to a great.
Dystopian 2006-06-28
?Mormon Fight. (3.68) SonuDust 2006-06-28
Don't fuck with the Elders. >.>
Dystopian 2006-06-28
?Waffles (3.35) Trapezoid 2006-06-29
Invader Zim soundtrack AND a disturbing non-sequitr? Oh yes... 5
Dystopian 2006-06-29
?Cats > Babies (3.98) gphoenix47 2006-07-05
I don't like babies. I love cats. The NEDM fad just makes it even more bizzare.
Dystopian 2006-07-05
?Breeding Guild Navigators (3.92) Wartmiller 2006-07-12
As a previous commentator said, you have to 5 this or spend the rest of your days in a pain amplifier.
Dystopian 2006-07-12
?Dune (3.58) klm43 2006-07-12
A rich and beautiful score to this tymnd.
Dystopian 2006-07-12
?ATTN: all little girls (4.06) CosmosMouse 2006-07-12
Better than stealing candy from babies. Who's gonna make one about little boys not being sports stars?
Dystopian 2006-07-12
?PANIC (4.04) FACEHATION 2006-07-15
Baldur's Gate music made scary as hell. And that bunny WILL eat the kid's head.
Dystopian 2006-07-15
?(nsfw) Garfield - Don't piss off John Arbuckl... (4.16) DoctorFred 2006-07-17
I think we've pushed Jon just a little too far.
Dystopian 2006-07-17
?All Your Base Are Belong To Us - Calvin and Hob... (3.98) Dilapidated 2006-07-20
Kudos for making Calvin and Hobbes do something besides pee on car logos.
Dystopian 2006-07-20
?A-Ha, Picard! (4.15) LuckiRyanZ 2006-07-31
Totally like awesome.
Dystopian 2006-07-31
?We’re artists now. (4.60) dedcat 2006-08-02
This is the best slam of modern art combined with a godlike backlash against pretension I think I may have EVER seen. I laughed so hard it hurt.
Dystopian 2006-08-02
?YESYES: NOOOOOOOOOOO! (Refresh) (4.16) Mewchu11 2006-08-02
Space Ghost > Vader; Also, I love "Yesyes" ytmnd's ^^
Dystopian 2006-08-02
?Bueller... Bueller... (Centered) (4.04) Wills 2006-08-11
Save Ferris
Dystopian 2006-08-11
?And they still have not learned (3.43) kD 2006-08-21
Twas the worst accident, I ever seen.
Dystopian 2006-08-21
?Nothing scares Worf (4.59) Improviser 2006-08-21
This is ... words fail me how good this is.
Dystopian 2006-08-21
?Is your cat a Pirate? (4.39) Ginsain 2006-08-30
ARRR! Ye scurvy scallywags! Thar be TREASURE in them thar hills! Now get to diggin' afore I string ye up by the yardarm!
Dystopian 2006-08-30
?Meatfiction (4.28) dlpriest 2006-09-07
Remember to always follow instructions.
Dystopian 2006-09-07
?Jesus sucks at Contra (4.08) dedcat 2006-09-12
This is just too much fun.
Dystopian 2006-09-12
?Alcohol Warning (3.86) maladils 2006-09-12
Required listening for those about to drink.
Dystopian 2006-09-12
?Worf Protests Dueling Banjos (Firefox) (4.13) silveradoj442 2006-09-19
You don't have to like Star Trek to love this.
Dystopian 2006-09-19
?Cats in ur stuff doing things (4.56) yoyoyoyyoIG 2006-09-20
GREAT cat site.
Dystopian 2006-09-20
?Pee Wee has no shame (4.13) onamae 2006-09-22
Folks, this was one of my all-time favorite Saturday morning shows. Discuss.
Dystopian 2006-09-22
?KAMIKAZE!!!!! (4.18) ShadowSora 2006-09-27
Chairman Kaga's goin' out, and he's takin' you with him.
Dystopian 2006-09-27
?I DESLIKE YOU (4.06) Tooncy 2006-11-06
A golden rule of proofreading your material is to speak it out loud kids.
Dystopian 2006-11-06
?Suck it, PETA (fixed) (4.41) guitarchase 2006-11-18
Perfect anti-protest.
Dystopian 2006-11-18
?(nsfw) MLK Critiques Black Culture (4.16) stainable 2006-11-19
Popular black culture does nothing for anyone. Yeah, I said it.
Dystopian 2006-11-19
?(nsfw) We'll be talking about... (4.08) FreddyKrueger181 2006-11-22
I tricked my parents and the cable company solely so I could watch quality television like this.
Dystopian 2006-11-22
?Kneel before Popemunk (3.05) bonushobo 2006-12-04
I just laaaughed and laughed when I saw this!
Dystopian 2006-12-04
?Rest of Butterscotch Commercial (4.65) warden 2006-12-04
Spawn more overlords.
Dystopian 2006-12-04
?}-{ello my future girlfriend REMIX (4.01) cmp150 2006-12-08
Get your glowsticks out for this one folks.
Dystopian 2006-12-08
?Verizon Fails at Math (long) (4.45) pilcrow 2006-12-11
If you don't think math matters in your everyday life, this is the ytmnd for you.
Dystopian 2006-12-11
?Bill Murray loves corn. (4.17) Feedrosie 2007-01-15
This was long long overdue.
Dystopian 2007-01-15
?The New Ruler of Hell. (4.59) money-hat 2007-01-16
Ever ask yourself, "What happens to people that run over cats when they die?"
Dystopian 2007-01-16
?PTKFGS: Karl Marx Yo Mama (4.16) IanS3004 2007-01-31
Have you gotten *your* fair share?
Dystopian 2007-01-31
?nightmares guaranteed (3.87) fearcondom 2007-02-12
You needed something to disturb you. Here you go.
Dystopian 2007-02-12
?Is Anna Nicole Smith still dead?? (4.64) poopnugget 2007-02-12
Wolf Blitzer gets burned on his own network! Gold I say!
Dystopian 2007-02-12
?Stephanie Is about to DIE ! (4.32) money-hat 2007-02-21
If you've been to hell before, you'll get this.
Dystopian 2007-02-21
?¿¿DIABETES?? (3.64) clarkesecond 2007-02-26
Anything promoting RoyBerititos gets a fav rating. "Ted Danson?!"
Dystopian 2007-02-26
?25 lines in Star Wars that can be improved if you s... (3.97) Speculiar 2007-02-26
Pants never felt so good.
Dystopian 2007-02-26
?If video games were real... (4.12) Neonic 2007-02-28
Why don't we get commercials like this?
Dystopian 2007-02-28
?Arnold shares his deepest feelings (4.71) AndySavage 2007-03-05
You need to view the comments to put the cherry on top of this incredibly good ytmnd.
Dystopian 2007-03-05
?the richard simmons website is hilarious (3.54) qwertyking 2007-03-05
Need a friend?
Dystopian 2007-03-05
?(nsfw) American McGee's Strawberry Short... (3.41) LeoNomis 2007-03-06
NSFW but **WOW**- great image and better music!
Dystopian 2007-03-06
?|||||||||||||||||||| (4.02) Kacen 2007-03-13
Oprah. Cucumber. That's all I'm gonna say.
Dystopian 2007-03-13
?mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce (4.09) Tokakeke 2007-03-17
Dystopian 2007-03-17
?Jem Is Truly Outrageous! (3.96) cubetriangle 2007-03-21
Do I even need to explain why this is 100% awesome?
Dystopian 2007-03-21
?AHHHHHH!!!! (3.49) Mugen5939 2007-03-21
I triple-dog-dare you to find something wrong with this.
Dystopian 2007-03-21
?(nsfw) Worst AOL searches ever (4.24) OMGWTFBBG 2007-03-21
It's important to look at all the facts before drawing a conclusion.
Dystopian 2007-03-21
?Don't Mess with Dr. McCoy (4.28) ottervomit 2007-03-21
Why is this epic-tier awesome? The audio or the visual could be posted on its own and still be totally great. The two go perfect together, and make something even better. McCoy AND Spock in the same clip?- geeze people, the awesome runneth o'er.
Dystopian 2007-03-21
?LazyTown: Robbie Rotten Ridin Dirty (4.29) ooozmin 2007-03-27
This works shockingly well despite having a hip-hop song in it. Big chuckles.
Dystopian 2007-03-27
?The Empire Strikes Again and Again (4.38) tricolor 2007-03-27
Another genius, genius, genius ytmnd with a sound that feels like it was written only so it could accompany this very slice of campy heaven.
Dystopian 2007-03-27
?(nsfw) Pussy: this time it's personal (4.12) me-first 2007-03-27
NSFW!! But damn- this is a killer prank. ^^
Dystopian 2007-03-27
?Cellphones off: A Public Service from Kyon Conn... (4.22) palehorse864 2007-04-02
Turn your fucking cell phone off. Damn I hate those things. I've kicked college seniors out of lab for this bullshit.
Dystopian 2007-04-02
?Learning about Lava (4.37) rx 2007-04-28
This reminds me of my girlfriend in positive ways.
Dystopian 2007-04-28
?Giant Oceans of Calcium (3.24) Click 2007-04-28
Deeper than you'd think- exactly the kind of meaty symbolism I live for.
Dystopian 2007-04-28
?some like it cold (3.98) Female 2007-05-06
This one resonanted with me.
Dystopian 2007-05-06
?his dandy blast (4.02) Female 2007-05-06
More and more of Female's sites are appealing to me.
Dystopian 2007-05-06
?Safety Not Guaranteed (4.61) axlbonbach 2007-05-09
Faving this one was overdue, even if it's widely known already.
Dystopian 2007-05-09
?(nsfw) Steve Irwin Advice (4.20) doof242 2007-05-13
Words to live by.
Dystopian 2007-05-13
?SOMBRERO LASER EYED COMPUTAR IS BA... (3.86) ZeroTron 2007-06-13
You'll need to get your face close up to really see the cool part of this ytmnd.
Dystopian 2007-06-13
?Tragedy at the Resturant (4.09) q959fm 2007-07-10
Grover serves it up.
Dystopian 2007-07-10
?Batman's Little Detour (4.63) Mohrdikai 2007-07-19
Remember to *always* make sure the door's locked.
Dystopian 2007-07-19
?Wrapped Up In You (3.00) tsarsbomba 2007-07-26
To the victor go the spoils!
Dystopian 2007-07-26
?Daddy's Special Bathroom Privacy Time (4.21) Zafa 2007-08-01
Let's respect Dad's boundaries.
Dystopian 2007-08-01
?Dr Phil explains the situation (4.41) denshuu 2007-08-02
I like explanations.
Dystopian 2007-08-02
?The most powerful oven ever. (4.65) RescueRanger 2007-08-14
I want one of these.
Dystopian 2007-08-14
?Stephanie will fuck you up. (4.62) VinzClortho 2007-08-14
Nigger please. (lol)
Dystopian 2007-08-14
?Now I'm free to see the world! (4.15) cheekygirl 2007-08-15
The way they market to old people just tells me they're stupid.
Dystopian 2007-08-15
?He Died At The Age Of 84....... (4.21) B-rizzle 2007-08-20
And you thought only court TV would give you the forensics.
Dystopian 2007-08-20
?and that's why Americans can't locate... (4.36) Wootsat 2007-08-26
Take a moment to ponder this: South Carolina would have 100,000's of teenaged girls, right? This one rose to the top to make it to the Miss Teen USA competition.
Dystopian 2007-08-26
?saturday mornings on ABC are HOT (3.53) lcsharpie 2007-09-09
This is easily the most uncomfortable ytmnd I've ever seen. NSFW.
Dystopian 2007-09-09
?Larry Craig doesn't like gay sex! (4.57) Serutan 2007-09-14
Remember this scandal? Talking heads clear it up for us.
Dystopian 2007-09-14
?The End Of Our World (4.37) RySenkari 2007-09-14
"I am the god of this world." (I don't expect ANYONE to get this quote, but it fits)
Dystopian 2007-09-14
?The End Of Our World: Chesley Bonestell Edition (4.10) RySenkari 2007-10-03
How come when I had to take those dipshit art courses I never got to see anything GOOD like this?
Dystopian 2007-10-03
?KHANTMND: Khan joins your party! (4.05) DarthWang 2007-10-12
I cannot resist. I had to 5 this. Perfect example of incredibly stupid somehow becoming incredibly funny.
Dystopian 2007-10-12
?Poor Hamster! (4.28) fearcondom 2007-11-06
Sympathy for hamsters.
Dystopian 2007-11-06
?Captain Picard meets Captain Johnson (4.35) ponytailjones 2007-11-20