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?The death of Garfield? (4.04) chrisflyer 2006-09-05
?(nsfw) Holy shi* it's a Dinosaur! WTF? (juras... (4.67) ALMusic 2006-09-05
?Nelson draws Everything (updated sigh) (4.27) ryuudo 2006-09-05
o_O Sounds like quite a drawing. Hypnotic.
Edible 2006-09-05
?Ralph Wiggum's Opium Dream (Hurdygurd... (4.04) boomaga 2006-09-16
Totally trippy, man.
Edible 2006-09-16
?holy crap, that vanishing-point knows the way out! (4.57) spazdor 2006-09-16
Edible 2006-09-16