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?medieval blue tapestry of death (4.04) airrickard87 2006-06-22
Oh wow, just too funny.
Furluge 2006-06-22
?The Eyes Of The World Are Upon You: 6-6-44 (4.18) morphws6 2006-07-09
I misted up..
Furluge 2006-07-09
?Jin is dead. R.I.P. (3.90) B2k3 2006-07-13
A heartfelt tribute, whoever it is.
Furluge 2006-07-13
?Having A Bad Day? v2 (Better) (4.29) Blue525 2006-07-16
I cannot deny teh cuteness. There, I said it.
Furluge 2006-07-16
?YTMND - The Story (3.99) Cataclaw 2006-08-01
It's funny. You look at. You chuckle. I guarantee it.
Furluge 2006-08-01
?YTMND - The Story (vol 2) (3.74) Cataclaw 2006-08-01
More win! FUNNY! I wrote in this one, so naturally, it won't be as popular.
Furluge 2006-08-01
?YTMND - The Soundtrack (*VOLUME TWELVE*) (4.53) fyrestorm 2006-08-02
Soundtrack of joy.
Furluge 2006-08-02
?The Truth of YTMND (3.11) boozer 2006-08-02
Gotta love history.
Furluge 2006-08-02
?Subliminal Sega Message (4.16) MasterSitsu 2006-08-04
Fuck It Sega! FUCK IT!
Furluge 2006-08-04
?(nsfw) Bush Doesn't Care About Black Peo... (4.12) keenan 2006-09-03
This one's a classic bit of hilarity and cunning creation.
Furluge 2006-09-03
?We Didn't Start This Website! (4.77) NeoMatrixClt 2007-02-08
"We didn't star the fire" fuzed with YTMND history. It goes so well you wonder why it wasn't done before.
Furluge 2007-02-08
?VOTE RON PAUL 2008!!! (3.24) Wizzletoff 2007-09-09
Ron Paul, 2008. Not a snowball's chance in hell, but here's to hoping the world won't continue to be a total fascist shithole.
Furluge 2007-09-09
?Norfair Kitty (4.40) serpentrampant 2011-06-13