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"You think I can get laid if I play teh guitar!?"
On on the site ?Guild Wars Jenkins
You should have photoshopped Kilroy Stoneskin's move.
As a boy I spent much times in these lands...
The Rasta Nevereverland made me lol
sounds like Daft Punk, lol
*dances like Buffalo Bill to the music*
Then you should tell someone you trust
SNAP! that beat is fresssssshhhhhh
Is he speaking words...?
I just noticed if you do the test thing, and pay attention to the flashing letters shown every so often, they spell out "THECAKEISALIE"
Bob Ross> Chuck Norris> Richard Dean Anderson
February 29th, 2008
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lol, very nice
February 29th, 2008
He wants to touch his sword...
November 20th, 2007
GameInformer gave it a 9.5 No, sir, you fail at life
"Gotta get in his head. Call him a n*gger. But he's really white and from the South, and hates n*ggers" Quote of the century
I didn't notice, lol
F*ck you, I'm from TN
On on the site ?
mmmm...... *kissing noises*. Very nice, very nice. How much?
On on the site ?carmella nude
On on the site ?carmella nude
NOOOO! my cp screen is too small to see it all!
Holy sh*t, I found myself masturbating to that...