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?Chinese Rocket Roulette for Dummies (4.01) Chichiri 2006-07-28
anyone who can appreciate holst and put his music in an amusing ytmnd site has got my vote!
Ifmusicisair 2006-07-28
?LazyTown: CrazyCake (4.05) asmoron 2006-07-28
?"Im black yall" (3.69) mattdh12 2006-07-28
i grew up with tons of folk like this!! in his mind, he really IS black!! that's the best part!!
Ifmusicisair 2006-07-28
?The Emo Song (3.96) Fendraki 2006-07-28
the song is so good, i'm gonna kidnap a few of the emo douches in my neiborhood and force them to listen to it over and over again!
Ifmusicisair 2006-07-28
?President of Iran Sniffs the Koran (2.63) d1ss0nant 2006-07-30
i love this one!!
Ifmusicisair 2006-07-30