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July 14th, 2006
September 18th, 2006
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September 4th, 2006
August 13th, 2006
On on the site ?Medieval HeadOn
Verbatim means "word for word" essentially- as in, "and those are the words from the textbook, verbatim." But who cares if it's not exact?
August 12th, 2006
I'll be honest, this deserves five stars. But I don't have that many to give out.
August 12th, 2006
Also (as I did not have room for this in the last comment because it was so very long) c*cks.
August 12th, 2006
I'd like to draw your attention to exhibit A... that I personally asked chuft if he would mind other people doing subatomic birdicles. And then to exhibit B... that even if I did have an alt account, absolutely no difference has been made (check it out for yourself if you want to) in the long run to any of my or anyone else's YTMND's. And for the record, your YTMND was downvoted by me because it was not funny at all, had bad music, and did not deserve to be in Up & Coming because of those above two reasons.