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?Epic MacGyver Maneuver (Extended Sound) (4.45) WakaLaka 2006-06-02
Macgyver Pulls a Quick One
Iroquois 2006-06-02
?Final Fantasy 6 For The Win! (3.32) Sable 2006-07-03
Kefka, lol
Iroquois 2006-07-03
?Pale Blue Dot (an atheist's view - tiny update) (4.09) Lave 2006-10-02
Carl Sagan was a great man. I love his works.. they're real deep and such. Great work on this YTMND. Hopefully it'll stop the hoards of religions YTMNDs out there, and get people to think before speaking.
Iroquois 2006-10-02
?Give me french fries dod style (3.97) kwsn24 2006-10-03
DOD style Ghetto Thuggin
Iroquois 2006-10-03
?DoD: Sauce (3.55) pro-pain 2006-10-03
?another shitty mac ad (4.39) falcon176 2006-10-15
Mac gets OWNED
Iroquois 2006-10-15