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?Kitty! (4.13) crazy-elmo 2006-07-20
This seriously is one of my favourite YTMNDs I have seen. It brings a tear to my eye seeing it every time I do. I've seen it before on a site somewhere, but a big thank you to crazy-elmo for making it into a YTMND. Also very good music to go along with it, I think I heard Tenchi music in there somewhere, so I'll investigate that further.
Kendu72 2006-07-20
?Cute Kittens here to comfort you. (4.51) whiteman 2006-09-22
They're all so cute I can't choose which one I love the most. Thank you whiteman, I'll pass this onto all of my friends who are having bad days; they're sure to perk right up! :3
Kendu72 2006-09-22
?*FAV!* (4.21) Cac0 2006-10-04
FAV gif
Kendu72 2006-10-04
?Asiacopter QUAHOG!! (4.16) RobD 2006-10-04
Asiacopter Family Guy
Kendu72 2006-10-04
?$599 Burning a Hole in Your Pocket? (4.38) ibanezdude 2006-10-06
Wii Advertisment
Kendu72 2006-10-06
?I hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed ... (3.66) ChrisHo 2006-10-12
Kendu72 2006-10-12