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July 28th, 2006
August 12th, 2006
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On on the site ?Furries!
Oh and, P.S. Twin-Uzis did not get his sister to defend him. He dosen't know I'm doing this. Got a problem?
On on the site ?Furries!
Hey, Arch, f*ck YOU! Was I talking to you? No, I believe not. Why don't you go play with your Pokemon cards and let the adults talk, okay? I'm only pissed off because Twin-Uzis happens to be my brother. Don't get me wrong, I f*cking hate the little bastard. (I use the word "little" loosly) But it pisses me off to see *ss clowns like Pickledance, and quite frankley you too Major-Tom, being little bitches towards him. That's my job. I won't hesitate to track you down and kick you ass. I'm phyco like that.
On on the site ?Bush is only human
On on the site ?Furries!
*Continued* Because God knows that no one would want to deal with you in person. So go ahead and defend your little "Cat Art", but just know that everyone is laughing at you. They know how sad you are, and the only thing that is more sad than you is the fact that you don't know it. GO f*ck YOURSELF AND DIE YOU PUNK *ss LITTLE BITCH! Have a great day :)
On on the site ?Furries!
Pickledance: You are the biggest waste of life on this earth, and you should do the world a favor by killing yourself, and save someone else the trouble of doing it. The only reason you are alive is because it is illegal to kill you. Or believe me, you would already be dead. You and your king, the idiots, are going to be the downfall of this nation, and the whole world. All you do all day is sit on your fat *ss and stare at the computer screen, hoping that someone on there will be your friend.