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Your 5 was negated and destroyed by your anti-Bauman site.
On on the site ?Poketrainer Bond
If it weren't for the anti-Bauman site you made previously, this would get a 4 -- the number of energy that particular Charizard needs to attack. It doesn't matter that fire > grass if the fire type can't attack!
Vote changed to a 1 since I saw you made an anti-Bauman site.
On on the site ?Bears Vs. Panthers
Instant 5 for username
Your 5 was negated and destroyed by your anti-Bauman site.
state: Shame is what Chuck Norris deserves. Supa: Kid? f*ck you, I'm 22. Robster: EBW isn't dying anytime soon. YTMND will die a long time before EBW, given that Max has to beg for enough money to keep a server running and Eric's taking in MILLIONS in ad revenue.
On on the site ?Max For President!
1'd for giving in to peer pressure by citing your sound source
CSM: It's not a reason to bully someone, but it gives you that option. Ish: I'm not the one who needs saving. I'm not the one that's going to be at the Snakes on a Plane premiere, at a very specific date and time that's going to be public knowledge to all of my enemies. dk: Get a life? What if I just take Max's?
1'd for removing the EBW link
anti-Bauman site = all sites 1'd. Since this is your only site, it means I'll have to 1 all your future sites as well.
CSM: I signed up here/started posting here way before I signed up at/posted on EBW. Obviously murder charges shouldn't be negated by wealth, but other ones should be able to. For example...I feel the Duke Lacrosse team should have gotten off scott-free because they're professional athletes. Microsoft has earned the right to bully whoever they want regarding all computing -- the same should be said for EBW and content posted online that isn't sufficiently protected.
Why credit 'em if it doesn't get you anything or if you don't have to?
i'm a baumer
"Yeah, I watermarked the cards, with YTMND logos? " Yeah, so other people can't steal them, which they SHOULD be doing right now. Ass.
...that, and you watermarked the cards. Ass.
I actually love the idea, but I have to 1 you because you bash Bauman, and you made the Watermark and Eric/Neil cards WAY underpowered. Basically an EBW card should almost win the game on the spot.
At least this is your only site that I have to downvote for being an anti-Bauman douche. Maybe I'll just downvote all the sites of the people that 5'd this
"It wouldn't suck so much if eBaums would have done two simple things, give the original author credit, and not profit from it." The entire point is profiting. What if they gave the author credit, but still profited from it?
all sites 1'd for anti-Bauman
Returned upvote
On on the site ?OMG secret n*gg*
1'd for upvoting an anti-eBaum's site
On on the site ?Bauman stole my YTMND
eBaum > you, all sites by creator 1'd
eBaum > you. All sites by creator 1'd
On on the site ?Web War 2
He didn't get it from YTMND so it's none of your f*cking business. All sites by creator 1'd
5 for thievery. We should be SUPPORTING the future EB's of America, not 1'ing them
Helpery: I'm defending him BECAUSE HE IS A FILTHY THEIF AND LIAR. That's what it takes to make it in the business world. When you have more money than Eric Bauman, then you can talk sh*t on him. Otherwise, shut the up.
4 because the N64 kid being in Bob-Omb Battlefield was a little better, but still well done.
One of Max's recent updates blocked this from occuring. But if you open a new window and immediately close it, you'll be able to downvote. The easiest way is to open 10 sites, then downvote those 10. (I don't think it'll let you vote on a site that wasn't in your last 10 viewed.) Still lets you downvote relatively quickly when someone pisses you off (by making an anti-EBW site, for example.)
I see no anti-EBW sentiments in your other sites, so you've earned your 5.