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?Teamin' up with Mr. T (4.17) Oroborus 2006-06-03
One bite and you're gonna be eatin' with the T.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?3.141592653589793... (4.34) kraln 2006-06-03
I can listen to this for hours...
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Captain Kirk is God?! (4.41) phaseblue 2006-06-29
No arguments here.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?whoa... (4.28) State-of-mind 2006-07-02
Quite possibly the funniest classic-style ytmnd in history. Maybe even better than
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?SHATNER IS KIRK (4.60) ottervomit 2006-07-15
Damn right.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Master Drummers (4.01) donk0rle0ne 2006-07-16
Strangely hypnotic.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Another visitor? (3.19) officiousg 2006-07-20
Not funny or even well made, but there's a special place in my childhood for Impossible Mission.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?How fights on the internet would look in court..... (4.13) ZephyrTempest 2006-07-22
This ytmnd is acquitted on the grounds of insanity.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?(nsfw) The Greatest Story Ever Told (4.19) xkazex 2006-07-25
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Worf isn't Smart (4.50) sark76 2006-07-25
Maybe Geordi is just a bad teacher.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Babies Dunk The Funk (4.23) zaboomafoozarg 2006-07-30
This ytmnd never fails to cheer me up.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?The Wall Trap, Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! (4.11) Fleeflicker 2006-08-04
Night Trap deserves to be inducted into the video game hall of fame.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Dr. Dre Ft. Cosby (4.68) studged 2006-08-07
Listen to the rap music.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?mac fails at duck hunt (4.55) State-of-mind 2006-08-08
State-of-mind strikes again.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Mr. Freeze laundry service (3.77) Outerheaven 2006-08-09
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?LASER RAVE (4.29) rogerpyoko 2006-08-10
One of the first sites to really get me hooked on ytmnd.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Han knows the code (Updated) (4.64) V1L3 2006-08-14
Here's an example of someone listening to constructive criticism and turning a decent ytmnd into a brilliant one.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Metal Gear Doc (4.17) Dasyati 2006-08-16
The best Metal Gear site out there hands down.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Brick doesn't understand Metal Gear (4.28) deshem 2006-08-16
Great parody of this fad, Ytmnd is getting very meta.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Corn on the Cob! (4.45) trevlacessej 2006-08-18
The pinnacle of Dew.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Penitent Man Will Pass (4.36) dirtyhobo 2006-08-21
Peppy's advice never fails.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Since You've Been Khaaaaan! (4.17) chrysostomster 2006-08-24
Hilariously mediocre in its execution.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?A tack (4.21) Derk 2006-08-25
Dew is best when it is at its simplest.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?You are not my father! YES! (4.59) renegade64 2006-09-01
Perfect music choice.
Necronomicon 2006-09-02
?Now I'm free to see the world! (4.15) cheekygirl 2006-09-09
Now I'm free to see the world.
Necronomicon 2006-09-09
?Eye in the Sky (3.91) randalpink 2006-09-09
A diamond in the rough that is ytmnd.
Necronomicon 2006-09-09
?Karate Kid Part II's Ending (4.32) lizardman 2006-09-12
How did I miss this?
Necronomicon 2006-09-12
?BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH (4.46) TheMayor 2006-09-14
The rough animation only makes this better.
Necronomicon 2006-09-14
?YTMND Rocks It (4.49) spazzmckiwi 2006-09-14
Another one I missed. There are probably a hundred more.
Necronomicon 2006-09-14
?Crazy Old Lady Mega-Assault (4.55) syncan 2006-09-14
The BAH BAH BAH lady gets her first assignment.
Necronomicon 2006-09-14
?Super Macgyver World (4.12) OakDotOak 2006-09-14
What do I have to work with?
Necronomicon 2006-09-14
?batman has phanto's key! (changed black) (4.08) Dr-L337 2006-09-14
Dr-L337 thinks he's so funny...
Necronomicon 2006-09-14
?zazazazazaza (4.43) MrApgar 2006-09-19
A classic I somehow missed.
Necronomicon 2006-09-19
?Salieri had one weakness (4.36) BigMucho 2006-09-19
This was a ytmnd I'd never seen. Filled with such longing, such unfulfillable longing, it had me trembling. It seemed to me that I was hearing the voice of God.
Necronomicon 2006-09-19
?(nsfw) Homo-sniping with Diane Sawyer (4.14) State-of-mind 2006-09-19
The Gonk gets me every time.
Necronomicon 2006-09-19
?(nsfw) Hey..... F*CK YOU! .... =( (4.29) MasterYodisha 2006-09-19
Best camera move in the history of cinema.
Necronomicon 2006-09-19
?Mr T Punches Sharks (4.21) Dork457 2006-09-21
I squash that bug! Er, shark!
Necronomicon 2006-09-21
?(nsfw) Interjections! (School House Rock) (4.56) smoothmedia 2006-09-24
The song School House Rock SHOULD have made.
Necronomicon 2006-09-24
?Yeah..It's about..BOZO.. (3.98) money-hat 2006-09-26
BOZO ???
Necronomicon 2006-09-26
?The War For YTMND (4.24) denial 2006-09-28
A classic that is often overlooked.
Necronomicon 2006-09-28
?How Superman dumps a girlfriend... (4.18) UberNeuman 2006-09-29
Superman IV is shit. This is not.
Necronomicon 2006-09-29
?Howard Dean has been everywhere (4.35) dasmoose 2006-09-30
Great sound editing. NYAAAAAH!
Necronomicon 2006-09-30
?The elephant has something to say (3.92) TheOminousThey 2006-10-06
Brilliant ytmnd, what this site needs more of.
Necronomicon 2006-10-06
?Got Yo Self A Fish Bizkit (4.28) MasterSitsu 2006-10-11
Only took the bears two hours to make this ytmnd.
Necronomicon 2006-10-11
?Red Herring (4.28) MasterSitsu 2006-10-16
Necronomicon 2006-10-16
?California Girls (Dean does the Beach Boys) (4.21) nicomachean 2006-10-18
Howard Dean will never stop being funny.
Necronomicon 2006-10-18
?A Free Cow (4.40) Dr-louie 2006-10-19
Best Dew I've seen in months.
Necronomicon 2006-10-19
?STEIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN (3.94) Speedy 2006-10-20
I could have sworn I fav'd this months ago.
Necronomicon 2006-10-20
?BAH!!racuda (4.55) shortytwometers 2006-10-23
Why didn't I think of this?
Necronomicon 2006-10-23
?Set Phasers to ROCK! (4.59) dedcat 2006-10-24
Too many Trek sites around here, but this is too good to ignore.
Necronomicon 2006-10-24
?Got Urself a Fish Biscuit (4.20) Mohrdikai 2006-10-29
Fish Biscuit remixes win every time.
Necronomicon 2006-10-29
?Luke, we're gonna have company! (4.67) briglass 2006-11-16
Who needs fancy editing and animated gifs? This site doesn't.
Necronomicon 2006-11-16
?Whoever has the most points? O RLY? (4.07) TetrisAnarchist 2006-11-19
A tribute to moi? Does that make it arrogant to fav this?
Necronomicon 2006-11-19
?Pvt. Pyle Loves Marine Corps. (4.58) Kayne 2006-11-20
One of those sites I assumed I fav'd, but apparently didn't.
Necronomicon 2006-11-20
?howard dean & lou costello do outkast (4.44) evilFATE 2006-11-23
I missed this one. How many more of these are out there?
Necronomicon 2006-11-23
?Get the Hell Outta My Car Old Man! (Remix) (3.74) yeahmike 2006-12-04
This makes me laugh every time, so I'm fav'ing this bitch.
Necronomicon 2006-12-04
?Dusty Robocop (4.22) Kiltron 2006-12-05
He took two movies and shashed them together. My kind of ytmnd!
Necronomicon 2006-12-05
?YTMNIND: A Violet Fluid (4.05) greenbanana 2006-12-06
No comedy here, but really well put together and edited.
Necronomicon 2006-12-06
?There Are Two Kinds Of People (4.25) gregmcduck 2006-12-08
In the team photo for best classic-style sites ever.
Necronomicon 2006-12-08
?Christmas with Rocky Balboa (3.48) GregGumballs 2006-12-09
Necronomicon 2006-12-09
?The Recruits Learn a New Drill (4.58) Improviser 2006-12-09
He's Gumby, dammit.
Necronomicon 2006-12-09
?Luke's real Father (3.89) Don-Piano 2006-12-12
All the live long day.
Necronomicon 2006-12-12
?EXACTLY WHAT ARE YOU A DOCTOR OF? (3.83) Dr-L337 2006-12-15
Dr-L337 will never top this one.
Necronomicon 2006-12-15
?Deck Officer?! Deck Officer!! (4.43) AskAak 2007-01-01
Effing brilliant.
Necronomicon 2007-01-01
?Lord of the Tubes (4.61) agentanderson 2007-01-03
The Ted Stevens fad still lives...
Necronomicon 2007-01-03
?Where's the Money, Lebowski?! (4.02) dctownes 2007-01-07
This puts my Lebowski remix sites to shame.
Necronomicon 2007-01-07
?Harrison Ford Greets You (really him) (4.27) cooke 2007-01-07
Necronomicon 2007-01-07
?pocket De Niro gets fed (4.48) fearcondom 2007-01-17
fearcondom is insane.
Necronomicon 2007-01-17
?The Hypergernomical Orchestra (3.82) egonym 2007-02-17
Phillip Glass + Bibleman = genius. Also a spinoff of one of mine, which always helps get FAV status.
Necronomicon 2007-02-17
?Hypergernomical Grabulation (fun times mix) (4.32) keatonkeaton999 2007-02-17
I have to admit, I liked egonym's site better. But I'm obligated to FAV this.
Necronomicon 2007-02-17
?Is Peppy Too High To Drive? (4.44) blunkhead 2007-02-18
Blunkhead presents: Out of context theater.
Necronomicon 2007-02-18
?Bernard is Desperate (4.03) PurpleGreys 2007-02-25
Sadly underrated.
Necronomicon 2007-02-25
?Whah ah da bad gahs? (4.36) MrStump 2007-02-27
Necronomicon 2007-02-27
?Crossfire Gear Solid (4.02) Llama 2007-03-09
Awww... look. My first ytmnd comment.
Necronomicon 2007-03-09
?Buddy Bands (3.70) ElusiveEmily 2007-03-11
Buddy Bands™
Necronomicon 2007-03-11
?Dachshund! We Got Dachshund Here! (4.21) Joeynjoey 2007-03-12
Nobody cares
Necronomicon 2007-03-12
?goldblumation (4.15) fearcondom 2007-03-22
Congratulations and appreciations without equivocations
Necronomicon 2007-03-22
?Arnold has no patience for the internets (4.69) AndySavage 2007-03-22
Arnold wants to lock it all up in his pocket... Give it to him NOW!
Necronomicon 2007-03-22
?Scrooge Is Speechless (4.55) YourTheCoconutMan 2007-04-01
I could've sworn I fav'd this already.
Necronomicon 2007-04-01
?Full Throttle - April Fools! (3.90) PurpleGreys 2007-04-01
Another brilliant adventure-game-related ytmnd from PurpleGreys
Necronomicon 2007-04-01
?(nsfw) Marley's Ghetto Lullaby (4.21) YourTheCoconutMan 2007-04-02
Necronomicon is Speechless
Necronomicon 2007-04-02
?Breakin' in the Hood (4.59) pgn2b 2007-04-29
Meow meow meow meow meow?
Necronomicon 2007-04-29
?The Mezmorising General Zod (4.36) fearcondom 2007-05-31
So! He is a floutist after all!
Necronomicon 2007-05-31
?Bada beep, bada dap, bada boop, bada beep (4.11) macewindex 2007-06-05
I am error
Necronomicon 2007-06-05
?I know exactly what to do (4.13) hanktherapper 2007-06-08
I know exactly what to do: Fav this site. Should have done it months ago.
Necronomicon 2007-06-08
?Stevebusters (4.65) nutnics 2007-06-10
I generally avoid fav'ing top-rated sites, but this is just too good.
Necronomicon 2007-06-10
?The USA Gets a 1-up (4.35) nutnics 2007-06-18
Political commentary? Or am I reading too much into it?
Necronomicon 2007-06-18
?WANT SOME RYE? (3.53) gman250 2007-06-26
Necronomicon 2007-06-26
?HELLO DERE (4.32) Behonkiss 2007-07-05
Not to toot my own horn, but this probably would have never been seen if I hadn't discovered it on page 3 of Up and Coming.
Necronomicon 2007-07-06
?Bob Loblaw Law Blog (4.23) ytmnchandler 2007-07-07
You, sir, are a mouthful!
Necronomicon 2007-07-07
?Somebody made a big mistake here (3.96) ryanmontana 2007-07-08
YTMND made a big mistake: Not upvoting this site.
Necronomicon 2007-07-08
?Summer Fun with Nicholson (4.50) fearcondom 2007-07-12
Jumpin' Jack Splash. It's a gas.
Necronomicon 2007-07-12
?What really happens in Van Damme's dojo (3.84) ryanmontana 2007-09-08
Hilarious, and sadly underrated.
Necronomicon 2007-09-08
?Comic Book Guy's YTMND (4.54) chronster 2007-09-20
Necronomicon 2007-09-20
?raptor jesus camp (4.52) fearcondom 2007-09-22
Necronomicon 2007-09-22
?Film Summary - Hitchcock 's North by Nort... (3.74) Yozetty 2007-09-24
Yozetty uses ytmnd like some people use a flyswatter.
Necronomicon 2007-09-24
?Nicbob Squarecage : Deep Thoughts (4.48) Joeynjoey 2007-10-24
Necronomicon 2007-10-24
?High Stakes Hitler (4.64) Chav-Slayer 2007-11-27
Ach! Die schlangenauge!
Necronomicon 2007-11-27
?That Melon is for Display Purpose only, sir (3.80) Basset-Hound 2007-12-15
Shockingly underrated and underviewed.
Necronomicon 2007-12-15
?Denzel: Badupabebepbebep (4.22) drew00c 2008-01-05
Took six months to grow on me.
Necronomicon 2008-01-05
?Gonzo Fiddles While George Burns! (4.39) DaveTheRave 2008-01-21
Say goodnight, Gonzo.
Necronomicon 2008-02-03
?Survivors: 11 | Undead: 0 (4.54) nutnics 2008-02-03
Not too high. Too hard.
Necronomicon 2008-02-03
?Indiana Jones and the Art of Seduction (4.63) blommer 2008-06-08
Cover thine heart.
Necronomicon 2008-06-16
?Insurance fraud bust (4.71) greenbanana 2008-08-22
Necronomicon 2008-08-22
?Hercules ferociously disturbs rock (3.86) crackheadnick 2008-09-11
Image Origin: Hercules In New York -
Necronomicon 2008-09-11
?The Chargers Overtake Gumbel and Dierdorf (4.31) MEAT10AF 2008-09-23
It was a victory.
Necronomicon 2008-09-23
?A reiteration of a writ of habeas corpus ad nauseu... (3.40) Harbltron 2010-03-15
?Unjust laws exist: shall we be content to obey them? (3.92) bobby-guapo 2010-03-16
?Go Forth My Minions (4.24) dctownes 2011-11-30