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Hmmm, reader rabbit sound effects in the background? also, fived
Faust=win, also rainbow six memories
fived for music alone
Such a good show
On on the site ?Metal Gear Chewbacca
I lol'd
On on the site ?Starcraft Convoy
On on the site ?Red Green
Best show ever...from Canada...
On on the site ?
Sweet, Schnappi is a badass. Also class...
I'm not really offended...they're just lame.
On on the site ?KILE BILE™
Not a bad site really, but I personally just don't like you...or your comments.
On on the site ?House of Lies
repetitive audio
Would be higher, but vgcats ftl.
Fived for sole reason that I saw it at 300.
Lol, I can't believe somebody hasn't made this before now.
You're a sick f*ck.
On on the site ?Ever see a...
Do you like...movies about gladiators?
On on the site ?I'M A MECHANICAL MAN
This song f*cking owns, as do you...5'd
On on the site ?German N64 kid
Not that funny. Also "Sie werden ruhig sein" means "you will be quiet"
On on the site ?O
Don't know why this is a fad now, all from the same person, but I'm 5'ing it.
On on the site ?YOU NEED KOOLAID
Lol, wow, was gonna make a site for this, but apparently the man himself has already been here and done that...
Lol, captain picard?
On on the site ?To Catch a Predator
*heat visiony noise*
I see no cake.