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February 23rd, 2024
I think Keaton and barf were less serious anf try-hard they never struck me as the kind to game the system
February 21st, 2024
Starting to wonder which Featured Users *didn't* back in this site's prime
February 19th, 2024
It's sad all the Goodsites are getting deleted
February 12th, 2024
January 27th, 2024
On on the site ?DCYAPOWAC
January 27th, 2024
A star trek TOS shove it up yo ass game was then released for the Wii following his comment
January 27th, 2024
I thought a fun way to parody the spinoffs would be to do them like a round oldest to newest so at the end you have like a dozen voices looping over each other in a demonic cavalcade of Star Trek captains
January 26th, 2024
KHAN Trek TKS is so ridiculous it borders on that one doublekhan site from way back.
January 16th, 2024
On on the site ?Snow halation
1 for anime and a generous +1 for using a SiIvaGunner fad song
January 11th, 2024
If you get one dolar in one spa or a comhination of two spas you get a bonus spa
MMX5 is the one where we officially went off the rails... but in a good way
Glitch also domain
December 30th, 2023
Ah the Yule Lasers... best part of my Christmas every year
December 22nd, 2023
Remixes very well reminds me of gamekid's older stuff... yeah, 5
December 21st, 2023
On on the site ?HOMO Trigger
My party was always Homo, Fag, Gaygus and Gayla. Their triple techs (not to be confused with pstriple techs from Chaddo Trigger) always made quick work of Dalton of Queer and Queer Zeal but struggled in the final boss fight against Homos
December 19th, 2023
Is this the new way to induce a "Not me" lol?
December 13th, 2023
It's almost like we see the same connections between fads. "It's like we have ESPN or something"- Lindsey LAIFEhan
December 13th, 2023
On on the site ?WTRUOLAKY
Whales that Run Up On A Nigga, new Xbox title right there
December 7th, 2023
On on the site ?Lindsay Milton
December 3rd, 2023
Spaghetti code holding this place up
December 1st, 2023
Reply to DarthWang's comment on the site ?DDBP
Especially the 600 Dragon BALLINs... potential Chadnime crossover that's probably a terrible idea
December 1st, 2023
On on the site ?DDBP
Ah yes "i have a BALLIN"
November 27th, 2023
Don't even get me started on dual wielding double edged guns, you need to save up two halves of your money each week just to even be competitive
November 26th, 2023
On on the site ?Bobby Seale May Cry
The fact that you have to save half your money for that basic dual wielding loadout is criminal. Microtransactions are a doble ege sword
November 24th, 2023
On on the site ?Good Idea, Chad Idea
Mr Skullhead gets a Wii deal dough up the skull-ass
November 23rd, 2023
I actually made that on an alt 7 months later
November 19th, 2023
I feel like with some crafty letter-swapping in Audacity you could make a Chadwardenn site about the PS5 and the Switch
November 19th, 2023
Was just a 5 until the AAAAHs