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November 22nd, 2010
I like how the guy blocking him was all "ok... what do I do now?"
June 13th, 2010
♫ I don't want to set the smurf on fire ♫
March 2nd, 2010
holy f*ck this song brings back memories. This was one VHS I couldn't stop watching as a child.
July 25th, 2009
On on the site ?He remembers
lol, PTSD
April 2nd, 2009
Ok.. I admit it.. I stared at them when I watched this movie as a kid too.
February 24th, 2009
My favorite part of his book was the chapter about the rhythmic courtship displays this species. Especially how they can shift their colors in certain patterns that vary with points of the Sarine river, kinda like dialects. I would really like to hear recordings of the female's reception laughter.
February 20th, 2009
that smell has never turned me on before.. until now.
December 27th, 2008
On on the site ?Q Annoys
I don't need your fantasy women!
April 7th, 2007
On on the site ?a plague on our youth
wow.. thought I was the only one who heard of Koyaanisqatsi.. Life out of Balance...
April 6th, 2007
On on the site ?moustache feeling!
5'd for the tick
April 6th, 2007
X-Play is still entertaining, although it is slipping. Cinimatech is slightly entertaining... Rest is sh*t.
February 23rd, 2007
On on the site ?In Soviet Russia...
Epic... seriously
February 8th, 2007
On on the site ?barbie gurlz
I'd hit that.
January 30th, 2007
On on the site ?Sonic snuffs it
Sonic.. I didn't mean for it to come to this *sniffle* It was only in fun.