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?(nsfw) Ridin Spinnas (2.52) Peccavi 2006-05-12
?Chunk is Indestructible (4.51) syncan 2006-05-12
?You're the man now dog! (4.57) max 2006-05-12
?lol internet (4.45) Dunkinbean 2006-05-12
This was funny because it was so random at the time. I usually 1-star all the awful spin-offs because they all forget why the original was funny by being predictable.
SecretPolice 2006-05-12
?DEW!!!!! (4.06) MasterSitsu 2006-05-12
?Picard Song (4.56) ShittyMcShit 2006-05-12
?George Costanza! (3.19) karndude 2006-05-12
?(nsfw) MR. T IS EGYPTIAN (3.91) Omega1 2006-05-12