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?Picard IS the Empire : A Night at the Hothberry (4.31) brdude 2006-05-17
Stonehawk 2006-05-17
?Runaway YTMND (4.46) MasterSitsu 2006-05-17
An instant classic, nostalgic and a true statement of our time.
Stonehawk 2006-05-17
?coolest trick you'll play on your brain all day (4.48) nowake 2006-06-08
Stonehawk 2006-06-08
?F*** EBAUM SCORE ONE FOR Albino Black She... (3.97) swatward 2006-06-30
YES! Time to mobilize and STRIKE! JUSTICE IS COMING.
Stonehawk 2006-06-30
?The Early 90s (now w/ 90% more 90s stuff) (4.54) drew00c 2006-06-30
I mean, this is my Childhood here... these were all the things I thought were the COOLEST. It's amazing how an era in and of itself can seem to contain its own scents, its own sounds, its own emotions. Those were the '90s alright. *sigh*
Stonehawk 2006-06-30
?Dr. Dre Ft. Cosby (4.69) studged 2006-10-05
?Right Now It's YTMND (4.51) syncan 2006-10-05
This is the kind of site that really CAPTURES the essence of YTMND. If our community has a lifeblood, this is one pint of it cryogenically sealed and indefinitely preserved for YOUR convenience!
Stonehawk 2006-10-05
?Darth Vader is Mufasa (4.60) hamsterpicnic 2006-10-19
*CACKLE!!* That's so TWISTED! Fucking WIN :D
Stonehawk 2006-10-19
?The Price is Jazz (4.45) boomaga 2006-10-19
oooohhh damn I LOVE jazz ^^ It's soooo good! You are a GOD; WELCOME TO MY PANTHEON.
Stonehawk 2006-10-19
?Zimmer Gonna SEX YOU UP (sfw img) (4.12) boomaga 2006-10-19
?Snoop Dogg's Dreamland (full song) (4.66) barf 2006-10-23
PWN3d snoop
Stonehawk 2006-10-23
?Interrogation of Eric Bauman (Supervised by Conne... (4.12) Deebsdavid 2006-11-14
Stonehawk 2006-11-14
?Whatchu Know About Chord Progressions ? (4.34) boomaga 2006-11-14
Simply astounding.
Stonehawk 2006-11-14
?Sad Clown Choir: NEDM Acapella Extended Mix (4.57) dragfyre 2006-11-14
DAMN that's creative.
Stonehawk 2006-11-14
?What Is Zogg (4.32) kyle90 2006-11-17
Stonehawk 2006-11-17
?Justified Downvoting v1.6 (3.19) MarcusTheMartin 2006-11-17
What a great idea. Downvoting Standards!
Stonehawk 2006-11-17
?][ hullo? ][ (2.70) HiveMindedIndividual 2006-11-17
HiveMindedIndividuals is like a YTMND Guild composed of users who believe in creativity and original thought. TheHive is their showcase for various genuinely fascinating and amusing things. There is a new site being showcased every day ^_^
Stonehawk 2006-11-17
?A Capella Star Wars (3.95) zitz 2007-01-17
+5 billion for TALENT! Winnar = You.
Stonehawk 2007-01-17
?We Didn't Start This Website! (4.77) NeoMatrixClt 2007-02-07
Stonehawk 2007-02-07
?I am so high, I can hear... (4.43) AgentParsec 2007-03-15
Stonehawk 2007-03-15
?x_x (4.64) detalub0 2007-10-26
That was incredibly creative! Good choreography, interesting music, five stars and FAV!
Stonehawk 2007-10-26
?Virtual Barbershop (USE HEADPHONES) (3.67) AmericanMeltdown 2007-10-26
amazing effect!
Stonehawk 2007-10-26
?(nsfw) PayShince-Kignz 004th SiTe !!!1 (4.69) PatienceKing 2008-04-12
?What is Geico? (Mix) (4.47) Darkhand 2008-07-02
?Doug's neighbor (4.53) JohnJefferson 2008-07-02
?Bush VS Shoe 3D (4.36) fearcondom 2008-12-16
?Stephen Hawking's Time Machine (4.76) ThisAltMakesCrapSite 2009-06-14
?Red 40 (4.64) NukeBlaze 2009-06-28
?Cobra's recession bailout (4.64) fearcondom 2009-06-28
?jeffrey will you jeffrey what jeffrey you kicked the j... (4.63) Necronomicon 2010-07-06