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I wish I could still find the original video.
On on the site ?Evil Prinny March
I could swear that near the end of the anime, Prinny Island has actual squadrons of marching Prinnies that would have worked much better.
On on the site ?Chiptune Beauty
Yes... YES!
On on the site ?ShootOut
I wish I knew why I find this so f*cking funny.
On on the site ?Sausage™
On on the site ?
What the f*ck was she thinking.
December 11th, 2009
Samus Aran Our Sun lawl
I feel bad for anyone who doesn't watch to the end. It's really lame for most of it but I'm glad I stuck with it. As soon as the Muse cut in, it just kept getting better.
Found art: Transforming the onus of art from the original artistic creativity of artists to the artistic interpretation of the critic. Also bullsh*t.
On on the site ?Google Earth sees all
Like the idea but the execution could have been so much more slick. The tack could have moved smoothly, and the tack on the map could have mirrored the movement. Instead the actual tack is static and the one chasing him is stilted.
Did you do any editing of the picture with the black kid to make him look like a monkey?
Pretty much, yeah. I've known a lot of decent blacks, even one-generation-removed native Africans, and the thugs whose family has been in America for so long they have lost all traditions don't consider them black because they aren't also thugs. It seems like popular "black culture's" INTENT is to be as stupid and violent as possible in an attempt to retain the negative stigma of race so they can complain about that and use it as justification to be stupid and violent in a giant vicious cycle.
Didn't you hear? The KKK required all members to vote for Obama because they thought he was black (erroneously).
I love maxHatesTakraLol.
I love maxHatesTakraLol.
Design isn't inspiring and isn't well-drawn. I could do just as well, but I wouldn't enter it.
The most cocaine you've ever seen.
On on the site ?
Syncs just fine with IE for me.
On on the site ?Korean Fisticuffs
Why the f*ck are they chicken fighting?
On on the site ?belching contest
Excellent `shop, excellent synch, and all-around f*cking insane. 5-worthy even if it's a derived joke.
F*ck yeah, got the one I tried to get: a dinosaur! Needs to flick faster if you don't want people CHOOSING their killer.
On on the site ?!!!gat netuG
Your favorite gum is coming back into style.
Rainbow horse bra ALONE = 5. But I Poop From There panties = OVER 9000!!!
January 13th, 2009
On on the site ?Neo feeds the nation
But that isn't Neo; that's Johnny Mnemonic. :(
January 11th, 2009
Can you manipulate your toes well enough to stick several out and curl the rest for all possible combinations of toes?
This is pathetic, come on. Superdickery has the full comic and it just keeps going ON AND ON. Batman worrying about the Joker's big boner, the Joker saying he's going to make Batman have a boner, all KINDS of hilarious sh*t, and this is just the beginning.
December 28th, 2008
Honestly, that's the only line that I think is overdone, to the point it's bad. The rest carry it, especially Special K.
December 28th, 2008
Snuggie + bowling shoes somehow seems even more cultish.
December 27th, 2008
That's the whole hilarious thing with laws "supporting" certain ethnicities. The implication is that those ethnicities need assistance in order to perform as well as whites. Apoligizers will say that they're trying to make up for reduced career chances due to less priviledged upbringing (implication because those ethnicities are all poor) but then why don't the laws just target specific neighborhoods or wage brackets? That way they'd miss the wealthy outliers and also target the poor, uneducated whites.