Swordfish45's recent comments:

May 28th, 2007
On on the site ?YTMND flash preloader
May 28th, 2007
On on the site ?It's raining Batman
classic style
May 24th, 2007
On on the site ?cosby the hedgehog
you should find a better pic
April 13th, 2007
Head exploding
April 1st, 2007
On on the news post jocko homo.
f*ckin good work max
March 31st, 2007
stop the wow fads. Anyone who doesn't play doesn't get it.
March 29th, 2007
On on the site ?(nsfw) What is this?
love it
March 28th, 2007
On on the site ?Bubb Rubb Train!
well f*cking done dude
March 28th, 2007
5 so i can find it again
March 26th, 2007
On on the site ?Vader Sings!
first to mod bitches
March 21st, 2007
on a verion i tried, i just pressed cancel.
March 20th, 2007
On on the site ?Metal Gear Pork Chop
March 18th, 2007
I took a sh*t and sent it too you
March 17th, 2007
On on the site ?teh missle launcher
March 16th, 2007
the first verse made me disobey you
March 16th, 2007
she looks more dissapointed than dead
March 13th, 2007
song could be so much better for the clip
March 12th, 2007
Oh god, i thought i herd the same thing.
March 11th, 2007
I would like to at least know what the f*ck im eating. They also passed a bill making all companies let you know if they took a dump in your food too. Go eat a sh*t filled hot pocket you fat f*ck.
March 7th, 2007
add "attempt to install full patch and sieze"
March 4th, 2007
Could make a good Doesnt change facial expressisons entry
March 2nd, 2007
this is so beautiful, you want to be the big spoon or the little spoon.
February 27th, 2007
On on the site ?stfu gunz walker
February 25th, 2007
i was expecting a wtfbomb or catonakeyboard
February 24th, 2007
good work on the sync
February 14th, 2007
Whether or not this is is to credit Baraby Googe, or to make the stem look like the l................................. Regardless i went to google about 50 times today without noticing that sonofabitch. 3 because this wasn't the first about the misspelling
February 13th, 2007
id give you props if you shop it to look like a legit newspaper