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?WOW's newest PVP feature! (3.00) TravDood 2006-07-14
Hilarity Ensues. Downvoters who downvote on it being based on WoW.. chances are you have less of a life than those who play that game.
Tal27 2006-07-14
?FADS are NOT the answer! (4.01) TravDood 2006-07-17
?lol, Asian Stereotype (4.00) dedcat 2006-07-20
Fav'ed for ror
Tal27 2006-07-20
?MORE FADS are NOT the answer! (4.21) TravDood 2006-07-23
?Tard be ridin dirty (2.57) BitchGetonDAFLOOR 2006-08-06
Daaaamn that boy be ridin' dirrrty.
Tal27 2006-08-06